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    Names that age well and are international?

    I'd love to hear some classic names that are heard in many countries, but not too common in the US.

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    Anais: Provencal and Catalan derivation of the Hebrew Anna, but also a derivation of the Persian goddess of fertility and healing, Anahita. Very popular in France but at #848 in the US.

    Anouk: Another European (French & Dutch) derivation of Anna.

    Amalia: This name isn't in the US top 500, but it's fairly popular in Germany and has origins in Hebrew, German and Italian and the Nameberry page describes it as "widely cross-cultural." In Hebrew, it means "work of God," which, if you're religious, is a really nice meaning. There are lots of European royals with this name.

    Ines: Ines has Italian, Portuguese, Slovene and Croatian roots and a cognate in Spanish, and it's very popular in France (top 10), Sweden (top 20) and Spain (top 30), but isn't in the top 1,000 in the US.

    Noor: Arabic and Dutch name popular in lots of predominantly Muslim countries; the spelling variation Nour is very popular in France.

    Aya: Japanese and Hebrew origins; popular in France and also used in Japan, Sweden, Spain, and Israel.

    Amaia: Basque and Japanese name. In Basque it means "high place" and in Japanese it means "night rain."

    Martina: Latin name, very popular in Italy and Spain but not in the top 1,000 in the US. Barely cracks the top 1,000 in the UK.

    Lola: Popular in Spain, France, the UK and Australia. It's also a Tajik name meaning "tulip" (derived from Persian).

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    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Ezra Apollo|Tristan Rafferty|Sholto Felix|Otto Elias

    Elara Juno|Frankie Mabel|Ginny Delilah|Heidi Elowen
    Elliott Harbour|Franklin Jonah|Gideon Reeves|Hareton Milo


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    Remy is cute uwu
    Most names, more than people think, can be used for a boy or girl. Gender doesnt matter in most cases with names.

    I have opinions like everyone else, dont take it personally.

    Favorite names: Harlan Bow, Mars, Hugo

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    Caterina/Katerina comes to mind. In some European countries it's a classic name (the equivalent of Catherine) but it's uncommon in the US. It can also be spelled Catarina or Katarina.

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