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    I love the name Minnow

    I'm curious what random strangers think about the name Minnow? I absolutely love it, but have gotten a lot of push back especially from my parents. I've always liked unique names. My sister's name is Coleen (co-lean) and have never met or heard of anyone with that name, which is what my baby girls middle name will be. Thoughts?

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    Minnow is quite sweet. It fits in with the animal name trend and also names like Willow, Wren, Winnie and Bonnie

    Im not sure I'd personally use it but it could probably work
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    The sound is sweet, but I associate minnows with bait for fishing, or food for larger fish. It's not the most appealing image...

    Is it the sound you like, or the nature/water connection? I bet you could find something similar that would get less pushback.
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    You might consider using Minnow as a nickname/pet name instead of a given name. When she grows up, it might be hard to wear the name Minnow especially as it can typically relate to size and it will likely have a large teasing factor to it no matter her size.

    Maybe consider Minerva? I would consider it on the same level of uniqueness (or even more so) than Coleen, so it would fit in that regard, and I can easily see Minnow as a cute pet name for it. Then again, you can really use any name and use whatever pet name you like. They don't have to relate.

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    I know about 4 Colleens. I think Minnow is very different from that. Colleen is an established familiar name, and not super common but also not weird. I agree with pps that Minnow would be a cute nickname, but I feel that its a bit too cutesy for a full name. Other animal names that are in style right now are animals that are strong and less cutesy, such as Bear, Wolf, or Hawk.

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