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    I think Minnow is a sweet nickname but as a 20yo, I would definitely not want it as my name. It’s cute on a little kid but I worry about the fish/bait association and I’d just have a hard time taking it seriously.
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    I think Minnow is really cute! Minnow Colleen sounds great together. You're not going to have as much backlash once the child is already born. From what I've noticed, people accept it as the name and move on. I know kids named Pistol and Danger.

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    I kinda like it!

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    I agree with those who have been saying that it's a cute nickname, but wearing it as an adult may be hard. I'd pick a different M name, and use Minnow as a lovey name. Even if you'd ask your child's teachers to use it in elementary (which they may or may not do,) she can always go by her full name whenever she's ready.

    (My son had a little girl in his class whose mom insisted on day 1 that the teacher call her 'Bunny,' instead of her actual name, something like Fiona. Teacher refused, and said that at home it's fine, but a child should go by a real name in school/friends/the real world.)

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    I know a little girl who is Marina nn Minnow, but she goes by Minnow exclusively. Its definitely brave and unusual but with how popular word names, animal names and names containing the long O sound are I think its usable.



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    I think Minnow is great! I love the summery, clean image it brings to mind, and I love the sleek, lyrical sound of it. I think reading The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly helped me see it as wearable on a young woman. Your parents may not like it, but they already had their chance to name their children. If they are at all reasonable, they will get used to it.

    I think Minnow Coleen would be lovely, and you should use it if it's your favorite!
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