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    I agree that Meadow would be a better name. Minnow reminds me too much of fish bait. I wouldn't be able to take someone named Minnow seriously.
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    I like the sound of Minnow too. But like others have suggested, I'd use something like Minerva as a given name and call her Minnow as a nickname. She can choose to change Minnow to her legal name when she's older if she likes it or go by Minerva or Minnie.
    Or if it's important for it to be on the birth certificate you could always use it as her middle name and still call her that.
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    I would have to say I would prefer beautiful names like Willow or Meadow.

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    It sounds really cute, but I agree with other posters that minnows as a fish are kind of a downtrodden species. So Minnow as a name isn't 100% appealing.

    An easy fix is make it Colleen Minnow and address her as Minnow. Or, Minnow would be a great smoosh nickname using the sounds "minn" and "o", via something like Jasmine Opal "Minnow" or Jessamine Willow "Minnow".

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    I really like it! But I do agree it might be difficult to wear into adulthood. Minna is similar, gorgeous and rare. How do you feel about that?

    Or if it’s the cute/quirky nature vibe you like, how about Sparrow, Kestrel, Catkin, Pippin, Clover, Aster, Yarrow, Rosebay, Ever, Lumen, Lark/Larkin, Posy, Capri, Delphi, Sorrel...
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    I think Minnow is super cute as a nickname or maybe a middle name? It's a pretty unusual first name but it is cute - especially with nicknames Minnie or Min!

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    It is a cute name but I think something more along the lines of Marlow or something that has very similar sounds as Minnow but your family might like it a bit more? Also Minnie I agree would be an adorable nickname or first name.

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    I'll be quiet honest, I have the same appeal to the name Minnow as you do. I think it's so sweet, and sounds like a really cute nickname. I wish it was more popular, it sounds refreshing.

    If you like it, go for it!!
    However, I agree about giving it as just nn.
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    Its unique but uncommon and simple, i really like it alot.
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    I think it's super cute. Minnow Coleen sounds like a great name to me! Ignore the push back. If you love the name then you should go for it.
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