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    May 2013
    Since nothing in my life is planned, I would either have a baby next year or in twenty. Nobody knows.
    Wishfully I would prefer to have my kids when Iam in my early 30s.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    Mar 2019
    I'll be 23 when baby is born.


    baby boy coming 11/04/20

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    Oct 2019
    Maine, USA
    I was 23 when my son was born. I was 25 when my second child was born, and 27 when my last was born.
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    Jul 2016
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    30 and then 33

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    Oct 2019
    We don't have a plan set in stone but we both want to have kids fairly young. No baby yet but we sort of took a not trying but not not trying month and are seeing what happens, then proceeding forward from there. If it does happen I'll be not quite 23

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    Sep 2019
    I will be 21 when baby is born, and my fiancé will be turning 23.

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    I was 34 when I had number 1. I’ll be 36 with number 2. I’d of loved to have them in my twenties but circumstances didn’t allow it, I met my beautiful husband at 31. Thank goodness I didn’t have children in my 20’s though it was a terribly abusive relationship.

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    I was 30 when I had my first. I felt a little older than others but it worked for me and my husband. We wanted to be secure financially before even thinking about children.

    We really want a third but have struggled with TTC and had multiple miscarriages. I do sometimes think that could be down to my age (38) and that if we'd started earlier, we could have had more children. But it's likely just not meant to be, as sad as that makes me.
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    My husband and I have been together since I was 23 and he was 26, and I told him no babies until I was 30. I'm 29 now, turning 30 in February 2020, and we're beginning to have TTC talks. He will be 33 in March 2020. I feel ready to go for it now, but I know he wants to wait a little longer and make sure we're as stable as we can possibly be. We don't know if we want multiples, but we have reliable work and own our home, so we should probably get started soon if we decide for two or more.

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    #1 at 26 (month before 27)
    #2 at 29
    #3 at 31 ...and done!

    I actually think we were the perfect ages (my spouse is a year older than me). We both were done all our schooling and had worked in our career fields for a few years, got some travel in and bought our house before starting to try.
    I think we were old enough to have done lots pre-kids but young enough that we are still considered "youngish" parents and will have some more freedom again in our 40s!
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