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    First child at 24, second at 25.

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    I was 21 when I had my first. The doctor told me it would take years to have a baby but it didn't actually take very long for our girls. It took me by surprise the first time, but fortunately I had always been (somewhat) prepared to have a baby so everything went well. We still tried a little early for our second but I got pregnant within a few months of trying. Our third, we tried right away (as soon as we could so obviously not right after I gave birth haha) and I got pregnant 2 years later. (I know I'm rambling when I shouldn't because you didn't ask for all of this but I just took a pregnancy test and I think I can see a faint second line. Exciting!!! If it is actually positive, I will have #4 at 28 or 29 (since my birthday is in november))
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    I was 26 with my first and 27 with my second but I turned 28 a week later

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    26 for my first and 29 for my second
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    I am 23 and he is coming next month.


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    I was a couple months into 30 when my daughter was born.

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    We are starting IVF next month, so if all goes well I'll be 35 when babe is born. I was in no place to be having babies in my 20s (mainly roving around Asia) and I didn't meet my partner until we were both 30 anyway! It feels strange to see that I'm so old really, I still feel about 22 inside.
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    I was 26 with my first. Didn't even have my first boyfriend until I was 24! So in a way, it felt really soon for me. Our daughter is 2 now and we're married and expecting our second.

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    First, 19. Second, I'll be a few weeks away from 29.

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