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    We were both 22 when our first was born, both 24 when our second was born, and I was 26 and husband was 25 when our third was born.
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    I had just turned 29 when my son was born.
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    We also have two cats.
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    I would be opened to conceiving again, end of 2021/early 2022.

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    Still a way off, but I would like to have one before 30, and the second 2/3 years later. I'm not sure how realistic that is, as I will be 23 when I graduate, it would take a few years to get a house, and probably a couple more before marriage. While I definitely dont want to wait over 10 years to have a baby, I also know I want to be stable. I definitely want a house first, and marriage would be nice so that theres no confusion on which surname to give the baby
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    My husband and I were both 23 when our first was born, 26 when our second was born, and will be 29 when our third is born (Due March 2020). We got married at 21. We were high school sweethearts and have been together for 13 years this year.

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    I was 25 when my LO was born. I felt very stable and ready and we planned conception for well over a year before trying, and thankfully conceived right away.

    In my ideal world, I will have three children (one of whom will be adopted) by my 30th birthday. I am 27.5 now, so we will see how these next couple years actually play out.
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