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  • Scarlet

    27 29.03%
  • Sylvie

    45 48.39%
  • Story

    21 22.58%
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    Story Jean is nice

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    I love Sylvie, it's so cute but also classic. However, I feel like Sylvia might sound better with your surname, and Sylvie could be used as a nickname.
    I also like Story, but prefer it as a middle name. I'm not really a fan of Scarlett.
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    I voted for Scarlet as I think it sounds great with your surname and I like the combo Scarlet Jean, I also think Sylvie Jean is really sweet too!
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    I love Sylvie Victoria–classic but whimsical-sounding and unexpected, pretty without being flowery, easy to spell and pronounce but still relatively rare.

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    Sylvie Jean by far!

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    All really great options, but I think Scarlet works best with your surname. There's a little too much rhyming for my ear with the others.

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    I am in LOVE with Sylvie Jean!!!

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    Sylvie Jean is gorgeous. Also Sylvie Victoria.
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    I personally dislike the sound and look of Scarlet. Not fond of it at all. Sorry, very few names fit this category for me but Scarlet does. I like Sylvie, unsure why it hasn’t grown on me more. Story has special meaning to my family but I personally do not think I would be able to use it as a first name. Would love to meet one.

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    Sylvie Jean hands down!! It's beautiful and fairy-like, but it's also timeless. I could see a baby Sylvie, a teenage Sylvie, an adult Sylvie, and an elderly Sylvie! It's beautiful without being too out there. I also like how classic Scarlet Victoria sounds! I'm not a fan of Story personally but it isn't bad!

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