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    Are These the Weirdest Names You’ve Ever Heard????

    Hello Berries!
    So I came across a YouTuber and she has 10 children with some...interesting names to say the least. Here are their names (listed oldest to youngest):

    Leonardo de Valentino (I think this is an exception)
    Cleopatra Taina Bride Baby
    Jerusalem Judge
    Rómeó Romeo Indiana (this is not a typo)
    D'Artagnan Angel
    Shakespeare Winter
    Nefertiti Butterfly Bambi
    KingJames Ocean Fox
    Aphrodite Princess Bambi
    Omega Royal Fox

    I’m just curious what everyone thinks of these names. I thought it I was into unique and out there names but clearly I’m not.
    So my questions are...
    What’s your first impression?
    Do you think these kids will actually be taken serious?
    What’s you’re favorite name?
    What’s your least favorite name?
    And what do you think of them in general?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and comment
    Edit: I just wanted to clarify I’m not trying to bash these names. I was just a little shocked because these names seem like GP names. Also a couple of the middle names are lovely like Fox and I could see adding that to my signature.
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    I actually like quite a few of these names individually just not paired how she has them
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    I love usual names, and i think some are fine on their own, but these combos are not really my cup of tea. You are naming a person, not a pet or character

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    They wouldn't be my top choices nor would I use the combos, but I do enjoy some of the boldness of the names.
    Shakespeare, D'artagan, Romeo, Fox, Leonardo and Winter are nice.
    KingJames is probably my least fave
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    I like some of these names, but I agree that the combinations she has made are over the top and have some strange names in them. As individual names, I do like:

    Jerusalem (only in the middle name spot)
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    Most of the names I dont find that bad individually, except KingJames. I just feel like they need more normal names to ground them. The whole combinations I think would make a lot of future employers just think it's a joke
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    So I'm trying really hard to not sound rude or overly judgmental, just because I'm the first person to get upset if someone harshly judges my own taste, but here we go;

    Honestly, my first impression is that the names feel a little on the eccentric, pretentious side, mostly because of the people I know with some of these names, or similarly styled names. Not necessarily bad, per se, just a bit intimidating, based on my previous experiences. The family I knew of with a Cleopatra lived in an immaculate new build home and I always felt terrified to go over because I was so scared of making a mess or accidentally ruining something! If you had told me they lived in a show home for their subdivision, honestly, I would have believed it.

    In terms of being taken seriously? No, I don't think their first names would, apart from perhaps Romeo, Leonardo, Cleopatra, D'artagan and Jerusalem? I feel like Romeo and Leonardo are standard choices, Cleopatra can be shortened to the more accessible Cleo, D'artagan to Darcy, and Jerusalem does fit with the place names trend that many (myself included!) seem to be embracing currently.

    My favourites of the names they've used are purely in a GP sense, but Tania (which I read is actually pronounced with a long I sound?), Indiana, Winter, Ocean, and Princess.

    My least favourites are Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, Omega, and Shakespeare as they just seem far too out there, for me at least, to be usable.

    I'm probably the worst to comment though because my taste is highly unpopular on here typically (or always was!) and is just as likely to be commented on negatively as these are, imo.
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    Not going to lie, I personally love these names and have heard of this family a couple of times. Would not be brave enough to use all of them in one sibset but I have at least one name from each kid on my list, Nefertari (not quite Nefertiti) is in my top 10, Cleopatra and Aphrodite are faves as well. It's a bit much, but then again some people are a bit much (*cough* me *cough*) and being extra is fun. I think they all have acceptable variations to go by, KingJames might end up calling himself James, Omega could be Meg etc.

    If she had another I'd recommend Hallelujah, I feel it's up her alley
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    The combos aren't my personal style (though I like some of the names individually), but I admire how eccentric and creative they are. D'Artagnan has long been a GP of mine.

    "Bride Baby" is a very weird combination though.

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    I have to agree with y’all- some of the individual first names are ok. KingJames is odd but I kinda like it. I was just shocked that someone names their kids this.

    I definitely get that pretentious vibe you’re talking about from this family. They portray themselves as the perfect, Christian, clean, minimalist family. So It makes sense why she felt the need to name her kids after queens and kings.
    There are some really cool and cute nicknames that she could’ve used to make it a little less weird but she doesn’t use nicknames unfortunately. I love the nn Darcy for D’Artagan!
    Thank you for being honest in your opinion.
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