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    Meet Our Newest!

    Last week we welcomed a second girl into our family, a baby sister to join Cornelia Hermione Winter and Endymion Atlas Faramir.

    We named her Morgana Belphoebe Rue.

    Morgana is, of course, after Morgana le Fay, King Arthur's witch sister and my ultimate feminist icon. We wanted our daughter to have a beautiful, magical name as well as a great namesake, and Morgana offers the best of both worlds. We considered tons of names, but deep inside I always knew that one day I will have a daughter called Morgana. We have been trying different nicknames: Maggie, Annie, Mamie, Mo, but my mother suggested Margot the other day and it looks like this one might stick!

    Belphoebe is yet another Arthurian fairy name, the maiden huntress in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene. With Phoebe being an epithet for Artemis, Belphoebe is a nod to one of my favorite Greek goddesses as well as the delightful Phoebe Buffay and Holden Caulfield's lovely little sister in The Catcher in the Rye.

    And Rue honors Hamlet, my favorite play ever: "there's rue for you; and here's some for me/we may call it herb-grace o' Sundays". In my home country of Ukraine, rue symbolizes purity and mercy, and when we learned that during the Middle Ages it was a symbol of recognition between witches, we just knew Rue had to be one of our daughter's middle names!

    Morgana is an absolute darling and we're all madly in love with her, especially her older siblings. They just want to kiss her and play with her all of the time, and it is so nice to see! With three wonderful children, our hands are full but our hearts are even fuller. Wish us luck!
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    Congratulations! Morgana Belphoebe Rue is beautiful. I love how literary it is, with ties to Spenser and Malory. Morgana is one of my ultimate feminist icons, too; I chose to write a 5,000 word essay on her in high school, so I'm glad she and her beautiful name are getting more attention! Good luck with the newest addition to your wonderfully named family!
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    Congratulations!!! Morgana with the nickname Margot is amazing
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    I just knew when you said you welcomed your newest addition into the world that she would be a little girl called Morgana. Oh, I’m absolutely bursting with happiness for your family. Morgana is such a beautiful name, so full of magic and strength. Belphoebe is a glittering gem, and Rue is the perfect hint of something so special at the end of an impeccable name.

    May Morgana always take heed of her gorgeous name, and grow to be as brave, lovely, unique and true as the amazing women that she was named after.

    To Miss Morgana: Welcome home, sweet girl. You have stars in your name and enough love around you to fill ten galaxies.

    And congratulations on your new little love to you, your husband, Nell, and Teddy.
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    Congratulations! I've been checking for updates from you out of curiosity as to what name you chose. Morgana is a favourite of mine (as you can see from my name, haha). Her name flows beautifully and goes so well with your children's names as well. I hope you're all doing well.
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    Congratulations!! What a beautiful, magical name!! And I adore how well thought out and meaningful it is to you. Just wonderful!
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    Congratulations! I've been waiting to see what amazing name you'd give this baby. Morgana Belphoebe Rue is gorgeous! Morgana fits so nicely with Cornelia and Endymion.
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    Congratulations! You always choose such show-stopping names.
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    What a gorgeous name. Congratulations! I am especially delighted to see that you used Rue, one of my long-time favorites.
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    Congratulations on your little Morgana! Her name is just gorgeous, and I love the creative nickname Margot. Your children's names are so whimsical and marvelous, you've done a wonderful job.

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