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Thread: Althea

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    Lately I have been loving Althea. What are your thoughts on the name?

    Do you prefer Theia (Thea, I just prefer this spelling of it) or Althea?
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    I love Althea. It sounds ancient and grounded and literary. It is less used than Thea, which while also a great name, has the potential challenge of multiple pronunciations.
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    I really like Althea and I think it's my preference. It's unusual but familiar at the same time
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    I like it. It's old fashioned, sweet & strong sounding. I mainly love the nn Thea, but actually prefer Anthea to Althea. A little more whimsical and a little less old lady.
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    Althea is beautiful. It's great because it offers multiple nicknames like Theia/Thea or Allie. A friend just named her daughter Althea and they've been calling her Tea (like tee-uhh) or Tee (like the letter).

    I've also been loving Alethea. That extra eee sound is really pretty and feminine.

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