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    Thoughts on "just" Theo?

    What are you thoughts on using "just" Theo instead of Theodore?

    I love the name Eliza, and I think Theo and Eliza sound like a great sibling pair. I honestly also like Theodore, but I feel like if I used Theodore, I would also want to use Elizabeth to even out of formality of the names. I MUCH prefer Eliza over Elizabeth "Eliza," though.

    So, I would want to use either Eliza and Theo or Elizabeth and Theodore.

    Also, do you prefer Eliza & Theo or Eliza & Leo?
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    I definitely think Theo can be a full name. Eliza and Theo make a great sibling set. I personally feel neutral about Theo, I adore Teddy, either as a nickname for Theodore or as a full name. I adore Eliza and Leo, would adore even more Eliza and Milo.

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    Isn't Theo more popular than Theodore in the UK??? Totally fine esp with popularity of Leo.

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    I think Theo is just fine as a full name.

    But I also think Eliza and Theodore work well together. I do understand the feeling that Elizabeth is more of Theodore's "match," but Eliza and Theodore each have three syllables, and Eliza, though derived from Elizabeth, has been used enough on its own that it doesn't read as a nickname to me.

    I say use Theodore nn. Theo unless you want to avoid Theodore for other reasons (like wanting the "official" name and the day-to-day name to match).

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    Theo is absolutely fine on its own and Wandsworth is correct. In the UK Theo is at 21, Theodore is 38.
    Theo, like Eliza, feels complete and I really like them together
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    Personally, I prefer Theodore. However, Theo works ferfe tly well on it's own, and is more popular than Theodore. Eliza and Theo is lovely

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    I personally think Eliza and Theodore are perfect together. Although it originated as a diminutive of Elizabeth, Eliza feels well-established as a standalone name, which is more than I can say for Theo. I know it's very popular on its own at the moment, but I still struggle to think of it as anything other than a nickname. That's just me, though; I know most people probably wouldn't agree.
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    Eliza & Theo go better than Eliza & Theodore.
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    I honestly think all 4 of those names sounds lovely interchanged with each other.

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    I think Theo is perfectly fine as a full name! Theo and Eliza are great together, but I really like that both Leo and Eliza have a strong "L" sound.
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