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    I've never met one. It's not very popular here in the UK
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    I’m a teacher, and only known three at my school. That isn’t very many if you consider the fact that hundreds of kids have passed by my classroom, so I’ve heard a lot of names. It’s certainly on-trend, but it isn’t massively popular. A little Everly might know a couple others with her name, but she probably wouldn’t be Everly LastInitial.
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    I've seen this name come up more and more on Nameberry, but I've never actually met an Everly.

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    I know two Everly's. One is a baby and one is three years old. (California and Colorado, USA). I can see the appeal but I think it will sound one-time trendy and dated in a few years.
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    I've never met one in person, but it sounds like of those super trendy names the 'everyone' has/is giving.

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    I like the Everly spelling the most! Personally I know two, except one of them is spelled Everleigh.
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    I don't really know any Everlys.... but I do know a TON of Evelyns and other 'Ev-" names, which ends up being a lot of little girls who go by 'Evie'. I feel like that nickname and the 'Ev-' sound is very popular where I live.
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    I don’t know any but it’s only become popular relatively recently and I don’t spend a lot of time around kids. It strikes me as one of those names that’s going to get pretty popular.
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    Um, I'm sorry but YES. It's so popular I just find it boring.
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    I have found its usage excessive via randomers on social media and the Internet in general, but I haven't ever come across one. Although all of the Everlys I've come across are American and I am English.

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