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    Thoughts On...

    There's some standard, popular names I'm loving atm, I've loved a lot of them since I was a kid, and popularity itself doesn't bother me - I know how the odds and stats realistically work in terms of classroom popularity. I'm just not sure if they're too ubiquitous for my liking or not (names that you can't go down the street without hearing constantly kinda thing). I'm looking for some opinions to sway me one way or the other on them!

    Zoey (Zoe just feels incomplete to me?)

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    Emma: like this
    Olivia: love this
    Ava: lovely but nms
    Isabella: I prefer Isobel, Isabella is too frilly for me. All the Isabellas/etc I know go by Izzy or Bella though, so it's ok to me.
    Sophia: love Sophie, it's so cute! Sophia is a little much; feels almost standoffish to me?
    Mia: a bit plain to me
    Abigail: love this
    Emily: love it
    Ella: like this
    Scarlett: too bright for me, but nice nonetheless
    Chloe: not a fan
    Zoey (Zoe just feels incomplete to me?): The spelling Zoey is fine but not a fan of the name personally
    Hannah: like this but a bit plain
    Leah: feels incomplete to me
    Savannah: like this but feels a bit past its prime
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    Unfortunately, I think it really depends on where you are. The names that are crazy-popular in my circles aren't even on this list: Caroline, Claire, Maggie, and Grace. The only names from your list that are ubiquitous in my circles are Sophia, Olivia, and Isabella. Emily was, but it has fallen off. I've only ever encountered one Ava and one Scarlett and they are young adults.
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    Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Emily are the ones that I'd consider to be everywhere. I know numerous Emmas of different ages, I've met countless Olivias and Emilys. There are lots of little Sophias where I work and I had 2 in my class back when I was at school. They're names to me that have been popular for ages and are just constantly used if that makes sense

    Isabella, Ella, Abigail and Hannah are all well used and popular but I don't feel like I've been inundated by them. I like Isabella and Hannah

    Ava and Mia feel like newly popular names which to me means they're not ubiquitous. I've only ever encountered 2 Avas and perhaps 2 or 3 Mias and that's working with kids. I really like Mia and Ava. They're sweet but versatile

    Scarlett, Leah, Zoey and Savannah don't feel overused to me. I've met very few, maybe one or at most two of each and of various ages and at very different times. I like Scarlett for its sharp sounds, Leah for its strong but sweet classic feel, Zoey for that great Z sound, and Savannah for its funky, sunny feel.

    Chloe is one that I used to encounter a lot but haven't done for ages -one that's well known but it's not being used so much now. It's a fave of mine, it feels fresh and bubbly
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    My area tends to use popular names a lot so I hear many of these. The ones I hear most often are:

    Emma (probably the only name I hear more than my own. I can think of at least 12)
    Ava (also Avery, which probably makes it seem like I hear more than I do. Still, I could easily name half a dozen)
    Abigail (had a class with 4 girls in it first semester. 2 of us were named Abby Caroline. Also been in a class of 7 where 3 of us were Abby. I can think of at least 12)
    Emily (very popular for girls my age but has been losing steam with younger girls. Still a lot of girls but doesn’t feel as much like you’re tripping over them everywhere lol)
    Savannah (not as much with younger girls too but there were 5 girls named Savannah in my middle school class of about 150 kids)

    I hear Sophia and Olivia a lot too but they bother me less.

    I actually only know a couple girls named Isabella (both go by Bella). I know more girls named Isabel/le. I also only know one Mia. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Chloe tbh. Ellie is extremely popular in my area so while I’m hearing less of Ella, I still feel like I hear it constantly. I know one Scarlett (baby born 2018). I can think of a couple girls named Zoe/y but not a ton. Hannah is one I heard a lot when I was younger (it was one of my least favorite names because of that. Still not my favorite but I feel like I hear it less). I have a biased perspective of Leah because I live with one lol and it stands out when I see it so I feel like I hear it a lot but maybe not.

    Personally, popularity aside, I love Mia and Scarlett from this list.
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