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    Thoughts on Owlan?

    So I’m having a bit of a name crush right now! I’ve been playing through Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I came across a bridge called the Owlan Bridge, named after a character from a previous game I hadn’t played. The name really stuck out to me and I started really falling in love with it. I was a little hesitant at first to consider it a “proper” name, one that I would actually use on a kid, but then I stumbled upon the very similar Howlan and I was like “Huh, Owlan could totally work then, yeah?”

    I was thinking it could make for a sweet middle name. I just love the outdoorsy feeling it gives, it’s clear inspiration from owls, and how the ‘an’ addition gives a sort of softness to the harsher sound of ‘owl’. I’ve been pronouncing it as ‘ow-len’, almost similar to Alvin; I find it incredibly handsome and just can’t get it off my mind!

    But what are your thoughts, berries? Usable or better left as a guilty pleasure name? Is it too far off from my current name loves? How would your pronounce it? And any first name ideas?
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    I misread it for Olwan when I first glanced at it and it took me a moment to get the pronunciation Owl-un in my head but I think it would make an interesting middle -unique but it looks very normal if that makes sense?

    For first names maybe:
    Theodore Owlan
    Jude Owlan
    Jonah Owlan
    Rafferty Owlan
    Seamus Owlan
    Christopher Owlan
    Cassius Owlan
    Jasper Owlan
    Cooper Owlan
    Blake Owlan
    Marcus Owlan
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    For your consideration, clearer pronunciation with no mispronouncing, Olin.

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    Take the w out and make it Olan. Owlan does not look good.

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    I think the "ow"/"owl" is a bit too prominent, but a different spelling would be neat!

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    Hm, not a huge fan. It sounds really dated to me since it's so close to Alan in sound.
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    I don’t hate it... but I pronounce it more like ow-lan instead of owl-an. I agree that it would make a nice middle name.
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    It looks like a strange mix of Owen and owls to me.
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    I may be a bit the odd one out, but I’m really liking Owlan. The pronunciation seems fairly straight forward. I do agree that the Owl- word is quite prominent, and could easily become a nickname. So whether that bothers you or not, or if you think it could bother a future Owlan, could play into your decision.
    As a middle name, I would have no qualms whatsoever about Owlan.
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