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    Red face Name+Surname for a pink-loving, angel-faced 2000s blonde babe? πŸ’—

    hello berries β™‘ so i love making new sims on the sims 4 and i recently came up with this adorable american babe that looks like she came straight from the 2000s. she dresses in an all pink sporty style and is a modern dancer β™‘ she's got that angel-faced-but-malicious vibe, she's very sweet and bubbly but definitely energetic, enthusiastic, adventurous, curious, naughty and playful. do you have some cute name+surname combos for her?? i was thinking something very cute and pop. i think the names "angel" and "baby" would be perfect for her, but can't come up with an equally cute surname! any ideas or combos would be much appreciated! thank you, and have a wonderful day β™‘
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    What about these:

    Brianna (Bri) Adams
    Olivia (Liv) James
    Jessica (Jessi) Lawrence
    Ashley or Ashlyn Williams
    Alissa or Alyssa Jacobs
    Ava Brookes
    Taylor Banks
    Natalie Campbell
    Sydney Thompson
    Cadence or Kadence Henderson
    Addison(Addie) Clark
    (Sorry I’m not very good at choosing last names)

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