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    Does the middle name Isolde Margaux sound too dark? Goth?

    We are having our first girl in the beginning of October. We have been batting around middle name ideas. Pretty for sure on Margaux as one of them. Others we have tried on are Emmeline, Hazel, Jayne and Cossette. (I am sure many have assisted in my many previous posts and polls! Thanks!!) But at least for the last week or so we are stuck on Isolde. Her first name will be Olivia. (Although Olive may be in the running... we will wait until we see her for that decision). Sorry for the rambling... so does Isolde Margaux seem too dark or goth? That is NOT what we are going for.

    Olivia/e Isolde Margaux M.

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    I think Isolde Margaux does have some weight to it, but it definitely doesn't give me a goth vibe. My issue is more with the flow of the name - Isolde Margaux doesn't roll off the tongue smoothly for me. I think Isolde might sound better in the third slot since it closes in sound in the last syllable (if that makes sense?). I would suggest Olivia Margaux Isolde or Olivia Emmeline Isolde if you want to keep Isolde in there. Other combos I think sound nice are Olivia Margaux Jayne and Olivia Cosette Jayne.

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    It's definitely goth.
    But it's only a middle, it's cool even if your kid only has these names as full combo & it's lovely despite goth feels

    If I were you, I would use it, but I understand if you really don't feel it.

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    I think it's gorgeous! Is it Is-old or Is-old-uh? I prefer the latter, & think that flows much nicer. Olivia Isolde Margaux is perfect. I like Olive Isolde Margaux is even a little better though, because it's more unique. .
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    I never would have thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, I can see it as dark and goth. But I also think it can be viewed in another light. My first impression was that it sounds interesting and artistic. I guess it just depends on the person.

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    I am planning on pronouncing is Is-old-uh. Definitely. I hadn’t thought it was goth until I kept saying it. I love it but wanted to make sure that I don’t seem/sound like an ultra goth parent trying to imprint my child! Because, I am not. I like that Olivia and Isolde are from great works of art....

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    Would changing the spelling of Margaux to Margot brighten it up at all?

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    I think if I didn’t use this spelling I wouldn’t want to use Margaux. As it is her middle names maybe I am being too cerebral about it. People are ultimately going to think what they want to about her name. I think that i think it is romantic, feminine and artistic. I just hope that what (most) others think too.

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    I see it as a little dark, but more weighty than anything. If it's gothic it's definitely in an architectural sense for me, not in like, a Hot Topic kind of way. It's making me think of a rose bush and an iron fenc e outside a mansion. It's not sleek, but it's not fussy.

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    I think Isolde is gorgeous, and I really don't think Isolde Margaux is "too goth" at all (I'd never have even thought it if you hadn't have mentioned it specifically). I'd agree more-so with your 'romantic & artistic' tag. In regard to flow though, Olive Margaux Isolde / Olivia Margaux Isolde makes for a smoother combo.

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