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    Charlotte & Isabella tops my list
    Love Paisley, but not as C & I.
    I used to be crazy about Aurora, & there are some names I like in theory, but not actually. Then there are names I like, but there's issues in spelling disparity between English and my language, so I wouldn't actually consider it.
    ° Alice Morwenna Delyth ° Charlotte Rosalie Saga ° Dorothea Melusine Esther ° Freya Gwenllian Louise ° Helena Eponine Bridget ° Isabella Beatrice Thisbe ° Juliet Morgana Giselle ° Melody Anastasia Carys °

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    I honestly like the majority of this list! Too bad they are so popular

    My top 10: Aria, Cora, Delilah, Isla, Layla, Naomi, Scarlett, Autumn, Elena, Aurora

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    I like Emma (but I'm partial to it because its my name )
    I love Charlotte but I'm hesitant to use it because it's so popular.
    I didnt expect Mila to be in the top 100, but I really love this name.
    Love Aria but I like the Arya spelling better
    I also like Luna, Violet, Paisley, Genesis (I had no idea this name was so popular either), Maya, Kinsley, and Emery!
    Emma Louise
    ⇈Yes, I have two first names⇈

    Little Laddies
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    Little Ladies
    Artemis Briar - Elowen Thistle - Freya Lark - Lavender “Evie” Riot - Persephone Luna - Rowan Fiadh - Scotland Maeve - Astor Larkyn

    《 Finian Shepherd and Emerson Wildflower 》

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    my favourites are Mila, Chloe, Eleanor, Lillian, Hazel, Stella, Savannah, Piper, Lydia and Delilah
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Ezra Apollo|Tristan Rafferty|Sholto Felix|Otto Elias

    Anya Camille|Bea Louisa |Carys Aurelia|Darcy Peridot
    Abel Lysander|Billy Paxton|Charles Ivor|Dash Henry

    More names!

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    Some really nice names on the list! My top ten are: Nora, Audrey, Caroline, Willow, Alice, Cora, Ruby, Adeline, Ivy, Sadie.

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