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    Quote Originally Posted by josephinedagnall View Post
    I prefer Jasper as a first name, but I'm not a fan of the repeating 'p' sound in Jasper Paul. Griffin Paul, on the other hand, is great.
    I still vote Jasper, because in real life the first and middle names will be said together very rarely.
    Either choice is great, though.
    This! Love love Jasper!
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    I like both but I think Griffin Paul has just a bit nicer ring to it.

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    Hmm since writing this I’ve had another thought to consider. Last name is two syllables but first is Pass.

    Jasper Passxxx?? Too much jasppass?

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    Love Jasper Paul. Very handsome.

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    Personally, I prefer Griffin to Jasper. Griffin Paul sounds lovely. Jasper does seem like it will sound kind of awkward with your surname, but I guess that's for you to decide because we dont k ow the full surname.
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