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    A Sister for Acacia, Eliora, Olivet, and Juniper

    Hi Everyone! We just found out baby #8 is a girl! That makes for 5 daughters!

    Our other girls are Acacia Lily, Eliora Grace, Olivet Autumn, and Juniper Leigh.
    Our boys are Asher Joseph, Micah Paul, and Matthias William.

    Rather than giving a long list of criteria (we've considered a lot and are *really* pick), I thought I would just ask all you wonderful nameberries to come up with 5 favorite suggestions for names that would go well with our sibset. Maybe you all will come up with something we haven't thought of?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    My first thought was Camille.

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    1. Galilee: a strong, beautiful, Biblical name that I think work beautifully with your kiddos’ names. It’s not nature related, though it is a place name.

    2. Jemima: a Biblical name that means “dove,” which are a Christian symbol of faith, due to the verse about faith resting upon one’s shoulders like a dove during a baptism.

    3. Abilene: In the Book of Luke, Abilene is a serene meadow, full of warm breezes and beautiful things.

    4. Domitilla: A saint who use gardens were used as a cemetery in Rome. Her tombstone had an anchor on it, symbolizing her unwavering faith.

    5. Lilia: Lilies are a symbol of purity, faith, and Christianity. Lilia’s meaning is of the flower.

    Bonus suggestion: Cross. I know that that might seem a little on the nose, but I can definitely see Cross on a baby girl. It has a Christian meaning, but it is also a verb. To cross something is to get through it, to cross the valley and get to the other side with a better understanding.

    I also think Shepherd (for the shepherd and the lamb), Palmer (for the palms) and Gates (gates of Heaven) are all lovely names for a girl, but probably too unisex/masculine leaning for your family.

    The name Peregrine means “pilgrim,” which reminds me of the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
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    I do adore your children’s names.
    Acacia, Eliora, Olivet, Juniper &


    *honourable mention: Zenaida. This name is so beautiful and so underused. I do recognize that it is somewhat different in style and origin than most of your children’s names. But I think it could fit in quite well.
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    Your kids names are stunning!

    Acacia, Eliora, Oliviet, Juniper, Asher, Micah, Matthias and...

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