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    Lillian, Liliana, Lily all so beautiful you can go with any of them! Lillian with Lily nick name get my vote

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    Lily. Simple and beautiful.
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    Love Lily! I actually find Lilian a bit dated/just past its prime and not ready for a comeback, maybe because of the Lilians I know.
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    I love both. But I do prefer Lillian a little more. She feels more classy and feminine.
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    Lillian over Lily

    Besides being more "complete", I feel like Lily is too simple in sound, while Lillian isn't overly complicated nor simple as Lily.
    You can call Lillian Lily or or you can call Lillian Lill, Lan or Lily or just Lillian where you can invent nicknames for Lily, but it's not the same as having more natural options as nicknames
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