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    Surprise or Not?

    Do y'all plan to keep the baby's sex a surprise until birth? Or find out as soon as you can?

    I'm debating between the two: I want to say surprise, but I also want to do letters spelling out baby's name as part of the nursery decor and don't know if I'd have time after.

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    Personally, I think that not knowing the sex until birth is a little more exciting, but then we're doing gender neutral nurseries...

    Could you possibly get the letters for both boy and girl names ready and then just do the right name when the baby arrives? And you can save the remaining letters for your future second child.
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    That's a good idea!

    I'm doing a gender neutral nursery, too (Winnie the Pooh).

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    I always find that decision very difficult.
    In the end I found out with both, my son Hjörtur and this baby. Both times I was set on not finding out before the baby was born, and both times I changed my mind. To be honest, with Hjörtur I regretted finding out, because I felt it ruined the magic a bit. I can't explain why this time I decided to find out again, but this time I'm glad I did. I feel like I'm better prepared now. We are sticking to a gender neutral nursery though (owls!), and most of the baby clothes and stuff will be gender neutral. We're also not telling anyone else, SO and I are the only ones that know the gender of this baby (and people on Nameberry ).
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    I wouldn't wait to find out. I like to know as soon as is possible! We are finding out through genetic testing this time. I like the feeling of calling baby by name. Although we ended up naming our son a different name* than we had called him while pregnant I can see how it might be fun to find out at birth for some, but that's just not for me.
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    My older sister has two children, she found out the gender for her first child (a girl) and kept the second one a surprise. I loved the anticipation, I think it makes the whole experience that much more fun. I plan to do the same if/when I have children!
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    With this baby, we definitely intend to find out. In theory, I like the idea of waiting. I think it would be really special for the doctor or my husband to announce what the baby is. I've also heard that not knowing can be a sort of "incentive" for mothers to push through delivery. I guess that makes sense.

    We just think it will be a surprise either way. Either you find out sooner or later. Having the technician tell us will be just as special as finding out after birth. As far as nursery planning and all of that, we'll probably keep things pretty neutral/unplanned anyway.

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    Never understood how finding out the sex during an ultrasound is less of a surprise than finding out after birth.

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    I opted to find out the gender.

    Funnily enough, at my 20 week scan Hattie had her legs crossed! I couldn't not know so I booked a private scan.

    I enjoyed being able to discuss names seriously once we found out her gender and it also made it all much more real for me as a FTM. I felt I had a deeper connection to her following and it felt magical knowing this first little tidbit that may define who she is or will be.

    I did get the "Oh, the surprise is ruined" reactions but to me it was still a surprise, just 20 weeks earlier! (wholeheartedly agree with wandsworth)
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    We found out with all three of ours. Of course, we were told our third was going to be a boy, and we ended up having a girl, so even if you find out you can still be surprised.
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