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    I know this is an old thread but now I can actually comment on what it was like for us with our decision. We were originally going to find out at the anatomy scan but plans changed. Between my medical history and complications going on with this pregnancy early on, we made the decision to go forward with genetic testing. We wanted to find out if baby was at risk for something or if I was a carrier. Finding out the sex would be a bonus and, not going to lie, I wanted to know too just in case we lost the baby...we'd know if we lost a son or a daughter.

    We logged into our account and tried to make sense of the page that came up. My eyes went towards the "low risk" part and then I heard my husband gasp and say "OH! It's a BOY!!" He cried and we hugged. It was very emotional. Of course, I remembered @jens story and half worried the tests were wrong but we had our scan done recently and he is definitely a boy.

    Finding out was definitely the best decision for us. It gave us a chance to bond with our little one and a name to call him, instead of It. It was also helpful for when we announced the pregnancy because we revealed both the pregnancy and the sex at once. Less fuss. Beyond that, it was just all in all an emotional relief. I'd get put off by older people saying things like "oh, your generation has no patience! Waiting is the way to go!" For them, maybe it is. I'm glad I didn't listen to them though.

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    I’m definitely finding out! I’m a crazy planner, though, so there’s no way I would wait. Plus, I just don’t see the point in waiting. I would’ve loved to find out as early as possible through blood testing, but I can’t afford it right now. I have a *very* strong feeling I’m having a girl and will be shocked if I’m wrong, but a boy would be great too.

    UPDATE: Found out last week that it is for sure a girl!
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    I loved reading all these responses! And I see the benefits of both the secret and the finding out.

    I was very gender neutral with clothes and the nursery... I think I'm probably just too impatient to wait to be honest haha, but didn't regret finding out my first baby's sex at 11 weeks at all. I feel like it allowed me to bond with her in utero. We also very, very openly discussed names with literally everyone, and I loved that part! We ended up choosing the last name added to our list because it just suited her when we saw her (both of us agreed immediately). So the name announcement still surprised everyone!

    I'll be doing exactly the same with this bubba, which I am 98% sure is a girl. I'll find out next week. My head will probably explode if they tell me it's a boy
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    I wanted to know as soon as possible. I think it helps with the preparation a lot to know the sex. It's still a surprise when you find out, whether it's during pregnancy or at delivery.

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    We had to get our kids' names preapproved by the government, so we had to know. I also just feel like it helps me bond.

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