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    Honest Opinions On These Boy Names?

    Did this for girls. What do you guys think of these boy names?

    Julius "Jules"

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    Milo, Max/Maxwell, Sebastian, and Atlas are all rising in popularity where I live. I've met several Max and Sebastian little boys. However, I don't know any adults with any of these names.

    Milo reminds me of Milo and Otis (and I know a cat named Milo, so that association is strong for me); Atlas I love but reminds me of Atlas Shrugged, a connotation I don't particularly like; Julius reminds me of Orange Julius; Nico reminds me of the (female) singer Nico; Sebastian reminds me of the Little Mermaid crab; Max reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are/Maxwell's Hammer (Beatles song)!

    I think Sebastian has some cute nickname options like Bash.

    Out of those names, Maxwell (nn Max) is my favourite.

    Just some random honest thoughts
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    All of them sound fine to me. There's none that really jump out at me as being "better" than any other. I like Max and Julius the best, though!

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    I love all of these names! The only one not on my list is Julius although it’s one I have thought about before and, now that I think about it, will add.

    Sebastian has always been one of my absolute favourite names (I also adore Bastian) and l like Seb, Bas (soft ‘s’) and Bash as nicknames for it. Max is one you just can’t go wrong with in my opinion and I love the Where The Wild Things Are reference. Milo is another I’ve always loved and the Milo and Otis association has never bothered me (I loved that movie as a kid and also like the name Otis). Nico has a lot of spunk to me, sort of like names like Kit, Jem, and even Milo actually, and Atlas is a newer one for me that I’ve come to love. It sort of reminds me of Atticus, which I love.

    I’d have a very hard time picking my favourite but considering popularity/usage I’d probably use Milo ahead of the others on my own child, or Atlas. Nice choices!

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    Milo -love it, lively, sweet, fun but could also be serious

    Julius -it's okay but it's not really for me -i find it a tad harsh, sorry

    Max - brilliant! Sweet, versatile and classic

    Sebastian-love it! Love the flow, the quirky but classic feel

    Atlas-a fave of mine! Mystical and distinct but also easy to say

    Nico - not for me, but nothing wrong with it. Short and sweet
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    You have a lovely list!

    Milo: I love Milo - it's very cool but handsome and sweet at the same time.
    Julius "Jules": Another name I love. I slightly prefer Julian, but Julius is handsome nevertheless and Jules makes him seem more playful.
    Max: I'd love to use Max one day though it's my little cousin's name and we're quite a close-knit family so I don't think I'd be able to as the connection would be too immediate.
    Sebastian: I love Sebastian too - it's a very handsome name that flows well with just about any first name.
    Atlas: Atlas is very cool and fresh, I love it.
    Nico: I like Nico a lot, though prefer it as a nickname. I like the idea of Nicholas nn Nico at the moment.
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Milo-I like it. It's quirky & smart. Has a sweet gentle sound to it as well, but is still all boy.

    Julius "Jules"-I like Julius. It's old fashioned, uncommon but recognizable. The nn Jules is one of those names that's too masculine for a girl but too feminine for a boy. I like the nn Jude.

    Max-I love it. It's on my long list, even though it's so popular. Such a fun loving name. How could you not love a Max? It's nice for a nn too; maybe for something a little different like Maxim or Maximus.

    Sebastian-This is handsome. Fancy yet manly. A lot of great nn options too. I like Satch, Bash, Seb & Sebby.

    Atlas-Very cool. I like it a lot. Can't imagine an Atlas not being a smart, artsy well put together guy.

    Nico-This is nice. It's a little international sounding. I also like it as a nn for Nicolas.

    Hope this helps.
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    Milo- I think this one is cute. I've always loved the name Milo. Its short and sweet, and has a nice ring to it. It's also one you don't hear too often, so there won't be eight others of the same name in his kindergarten class.
    Julius "Jules"- I personally have a strong dislike for the name Julius, especially with that nickname. I don't know why, it just makes me cringe. It makes me think of Orange Julius, or "family jewels" and "Jules" just sounds feminine to me. If you like it though, well, that's all that matters. Its your kid.
    Max- Max is cute, but I feel its more of a nickname. Maybe Maxon or something else that can be shortened to Max?
    Sebastian- Alright, this one is adorable. And super sophisticated and old fashioned.
    Atlas- I knew someone with a dog named Atlas, so to me this is something you would name a dog...not a kid. It could just be thrown off by personal experience though.
    Nico- I don't care for Nico simply because I don't like the way it rolls off the tongue. Its not horrible though.
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    I love Milo and Sebastian! Seb is a particularly sweet nickname for Sebastian. I think the names would work well together as well - Sebastian Milo / Milo Sebastian.

    Nico and Max are okay. Although I prefer Nicolas, Maxim, Maxen, and Maxon.

    Atlas and Julius aren't my taste.
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    My faves are Milo and Nico, and I prefer Julian to Julius. Max is a bit boring for me, Atlas is too grand, and Sebastian is just not my taste but I don't actively dislike it.

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