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    Milo - Handsome and cute. Trendy also.
    Julius "Jules" - Old-school sophisticated.
    Max - Sweet, but I know too many dogs named Max.
    Sebastian - Very formal.
    Atlas - I like it in theory, but it's a big name to live up to.
    Nico - Cute. For me it's a name that doesn't age, and remains 9 years old.

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    Milo: kind of feels like a cat name to me tbh
    Julius "Jules": love Jules. Julius reminds me of Orange Juliuses
    Max: cute
    Sebastian: a bit frilly for me but love the nn Bash
    Atlas: a GP to me, love it as a middle
    Nico: nice international flair, short and sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by blondeberry View Post
    Did this for girls. What do you guys think of these boy names?

    Julius "Jules"
    Atlas is a bit out there, for me, personally.
    Not a fan of Nico or Milo either. They seem like kids names versus a name for a grownup.

    I really like Max and Sebastian.

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    You have a lovely list!

    Milo: I love Milo - it's very cool but handsome and sweet at the same time.
    Julius "Jules": Another name I love. I slightly prefer Julian, but Julius is handsome nevertheless and Jules makes him seem more playful.
    Max: I'd love to use Max one day though it's my little cousin's name and we're quite a close-knit family so I don't think I'd be able to as the connection would be too immediate.
    Sebastian: I love Sebastian too - it's a very handsome name that flows well with just about any first name.
    Atlas: Atlas is very cool and fresh, I love it.
    Nico: I like Nico a lot, though prefer it as a nickname. I like the idea of Nicholas nn Nico at the moment.
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