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    Have any of you used a name that you were put off of?

    I wondered if anyone loves a name so much but someone your not keen on has it.
    I love the name Marnie but an interesting character called Marnie is in a tasteless reality programme. I love the name so much and it's also in an anime film I like. I'm wondering if I called my future child that would become the embodiment of the name and the memory of the undesirable fade?

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    I felt I didn’t want to name my son the name we both equally loved and agreed on (a very difficult task) because I ended up dealing with a boy that was a lot of trouble with that name. My husband (ex now) told me I shouldn’t let one person have that kind of control over me. He was absolutely right. We ended up using the name. The name is perfect for my son. The name is so much more now than just a name of an undisciplined boy from my past. The name is my son. If that makes sense.

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    I'd still consider it. The reality show association will fade and you seem to have more positive connotations with it than bad
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    I understand what you mean. I've loved the name Anastasia for years but whenever I bring it up it, someone always mentions "Fifty Shades of Grey". I've never read the books or watched the films and have no interest in them. My main association with Anastasia is the Russian princess.

    Personally I think the name Marnie is lovely. I really like the anime film as well, and I wouldn't worry about the reality TV association. Most reality TV stars have a few years of fame and then are forgotten about.

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    I was worried about this before my son was born, but after he was born he really embodied the name we selected for him. Now he just "is" his name and all other connotations have fallen by the wayside. This also seems to be the case for others who get to know him. I think if you have a child you will spend so much time with them they will quickly cause the other associations to fade.
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    I think it depends more on whether the association makes you fall out of love with the new, rather than what anyone else, other than the other parent, thinks. The association with the reality show star probably varies based on the style of the show. A name like Kourtney will b
    Probably have associations with the Kardashians for a long time, since it's a long running show. However, the name of a person from Love Island will likely loose its association, since the people appear for one season and don't return.

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    Thankyou everyone for your advice. I'm definitely more 80/20 now. It's so annoying when you find a name you love then people put you off of it. I'm not pregnant so hopefully by the time it happens again the z lister would have disappeared a bit.

    Chopette. Use Anastasia it's a beautiful name , my first thought was the princess. To be fair if watched 50 shades and theres nothing wrong with Anastasia in it shes more known by Anna, shes beautiful and it isn't seedy it's actually got a nice storyline to it.

    Iv seen in your tag line thing your liking Cove and Hawthorne for your next child. I love Cove at the moment I think it's so beautiful but masculine.

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    I don't have any kids yet, but I really love the combination Natalie Claire and don't know if I'll feel comfortable using it because there is a girl I knew throughout college who didn't particularly care for me with that exact combo. It's a perfect storm of a name because we're both Jewish and this would get us one grandfather each without having to find an English name for a boy to go with his Pop's challenging Hebrew name. I feel like I'll probably be over it in 6-10 years when I'm actually ready to have a kid, but it's annoying now.

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    It would have to be a really strong negative association for me to kick a name that I really like.

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    I agree with everyone who encouraged you to go for it. For me, the association would have to be really egregious to get me to drop my favorite name.

    Marnie is lovely.
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