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    Nicknames for Oslo

    Baby is coming soon. And I think we’ve settled on Oslo as his name. But i’m Curious what nicknames are out there for Oslo. The obvious one is Ozzy. But we already have a son Oliver who goes by Ollie, and i’m Wondering if Ozzy is too close to that. What less obvious nicknames are there?

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    I think you could get away with Ozzy and Ollie

    Oz might work -its instinctive but it has a different end to Ollie

    Lo, O, Lol, Sol or Solly maybe
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    More names!

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    Oslo is a super cool name! I think Ozzy and Ollie would be quite cute matching nicknames while their full names are distinct. I like all of the above suggestions, particularly Oz and Lo. LoLo, Loie, and Zo would work. You could also consider tying in the middle name or initial as part of the nickname.

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    Great name!
    Other then the nn's given, I can only think of Loy... I think Ozzy and Ollie could work.

    Onslow could be a full name to Oslo, using Oslo for a nn?
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    The only one I can think of on my own is Oz. After looking at the other replies, I think Lo, or Loey would be nice too.

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