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Thread: Nehemie Isaac

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosejuliet View Post
    I could see Nehemie working as as first name for both boys and girls. Nehemie Isaac flows quite well. I think I do prefer the more well-known name Nehemiah though. Nehemie seems a bit unfinished, more like a nickname, to me.
    This is my thoughts exactly, While Nehemie Isaac is very handsome, it sounds a bit unfinished to my ear.
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    I agree with everyone saying that Nehemie sounds a bit unfinished. I think Nehemiah Isaac sounds really nice, though. But both names have a nice soft vibe and I think you should go with it if you really like it.

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    Thank you all! 😊
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    I like Nehemiah a lot more.

    But Nehemie is alright. It's unique, but not too out there. It would be a good nickname for full name Nehemiah Isaac imo.

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    I agree it looks like a typo.
    Sounds like a girl's name.
    Most people/countries would pronounce it at Neh-hEE-mEE.

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