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    Lightbulb Back to square one... new ideas please!

    Last name: You
    Middle name: Bowen
    First name: ???

    Ran a poll earlier, thanks for all the input! we were going to go with "Oliver Bowen You", but realized it's not great when pronounced fn + ln (sound like "all over you") sigh...

    So i want to come up with some new options.. but struggling to find fn that sounds great with both mn and ln, and no funny meanings with the ln.

    Second option would be to use Bowen as fn and choose another mn

    Thank .. YOU

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    Let me see... I would stick with what you have ___ Bowen You.
    I think you didn't pick that as first name so don't compromise under pressure
    The challenge is choosing not racing to the choice
    An unnamed boy is no less loved
    It sounds as though you love him and care deeply that he carries the best name for him
    It's hard with name surnames AND single syllable at that
    I would narrow it down to longer first names- 3 syllables and nothing ending in n, because of the middle, no more strong O or oo sounds.
    Based on that I'll think of some suggestions
    Tolliver - like oliver but not oliver, has an ah O so no repeat sounds and doesn't pose the same issue to that extent
    Callister Cal You
    (I keep thinking of weird issues with other names, will keep thinking on these...)

    Wesley I like even though shorter if you don't mind Y-Y touching there on his given name
    Arthur You I like also
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    Is there a reason you don't want to use Bowen as a first name? Bowen You sounds good, although I do admit that you could hear "bow in you", although that really doesn't mean anything so I wouldn't worry much.

    Otherwise, broadly I would suggest a very "name-y name", as in a name that has an establish history and isn't used for much else. I looked back at your poll and I think Allen You fits that best. If not Allen, then perhaps Alistair or Albert? Overall I think an established name will resist the tendency to slide into You the most. Henry You, Jacob You, James You, Carter You, etc.

    Additionally, I think some surname names may work well. Lincoln You, Parker You, and Hudson You, for instance, all identify themselves as a first name pretty easily.

    Some favorites:

    Alba ~ Liana ~ Soraya ~ Paola ~ Talita ~ Esperanza ~ Salma ~ Zulema ~ Dahlia

    Maceo ~ Pascal ~ Danilo ~ Bruno ~ Javier ~ Cosimo ~ Tiago ~ Gael ~ Orlán

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    Oh, beort12 suggested Parker, and I like that a lot! Parker Bowen You just has a nice ring to it, I think.

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