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    Post A Name for my basketball players!

    Hello, I created a basketball team for my cartoon and all of the players are in middle school and their age ranges from twelve to thirteen years old. I created three more characters for the team and I need you to come up with a name for each of them.

    It takes place in modern-day, Michigan in the mid-2010s.

    1. A short black-haired boy (age:12)- He's somewhat of a smart-aleck who thinks he knows everything about the game but he's still learning.

    The name that i'm going for:

    2. A tall African-American boy (age:13)- He's a nice, cool and the maturest player of the team, and the strongman who protects the team from losing from the other team.

    The names that i'm going with:

    3. A light-brown haired boy (age: 12)- He is the nerdy one who likes to talk about television, music and movies etc. and even makes references to them. He's also on the science club with Susannah (Donna or Susannah).

    The names that i'm going with:

    I wanted a modern traditional name for each of them, if you have already come up with a name for each of them, hit the reply button!

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