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    Post Help me pick a good name for my character!

    NOTE: This is a repost of the previous thread that I made.

    Hello, I need your help to pick a good name for my character who is a pet for of my main characters.

    Takes place in modern-day United States in the 2010s.

    Description: A white pet rat- He is a pet rat of a girl named Abigail who lives in the suburbs. He and Abigail likes to spend time together like playing catch and even doing tricks together, and she considers him as her friend and companion who respects and treats him like a person more than a pet, she knows him ever since she was six years old when she was in the first grade. When ever he's in trouble she's always got his back to save his life and even without her he is very brave and can stands up for himself. He is sweet, kind, adventurous, brave, heroic and free-spirited mouse, he and his owner will always be the best of friends.

    The name that i was going with:

    I want a really good modern name that has a good fit to him.

    If you have already pick a name for the him, hit the reply button!

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