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  • Aaron Bowen You

    21 21.00%
  • Oliver Bowen You

    68 68.00%
  • Brendan Bowen You

    15 15.00%
  • Leon Bowen You

    20 20.00%
  • Jayden Bowen You

    3 3.00%
  • Allen Bowen You

    6 6.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jan 2018
    Oliver has the best flow, I agree with pp about too many Ns in the other combos! Congratulations and fingers crossed for SLEEP!!!!

    Also... I kind of like Bowen as a fn. I think Bowen Oliver You would be darling, with the nickname Bow. Although I just realized his initials would be BOY, so, maybe a different middle!
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    Feb 2013
    Oliver or Aaron are my favorites from your choices.

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    Apr 2013
    While Oliver Bowen You sounds nice I wouldn’t recommend it because Oliver You sounds like “all over you”
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    Similarly to the previous poster, there are a few names here that sound a bit like a phrase when put together:
    Oliver You "all over you"
    Leon You "lean on you"
    Allen You "I love you"

    If you eliminate those, my favorite is Brendan.

    But I do like the three syllables of Oliver with You.
    What about Sebastian or Jameson?

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    May 2019

    We were going to settle with Oliver actually because of the sound. But thought more about the "phrase issue" Maybe will need to come up with some alternatives :-?

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