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    What do you think of these?

    Hiya I have a few names that I would consider for future children! Just collecting right now but I'd love to hear your opinions!

    Olive Emmeline
    Wren Simone
    Thea Clementine

    For the middle Clementine we have a few first names which is really hard to narrow down!
    I was thinking: Thea, Fleur, Nancy or Lydia? Which do you like more?

    For boys I like:

    Ezra Theodore
    Arlo George
    Henry August

    We're not too sure on this middle for Henry? So maybe a different middle name?

    I'd love to hear your suggestions!
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:


    Olive Emmeline-So cute! Olive is the right amount of smart & quirky. I adore the nn Livy too. Olive Emmeline is pretty. I like Olive Clementine even more though.

    Wren Simone-I don't care much for Wren. It just sounds a little bland.

    Thea Clementine-This is sweet. I mainly prefer Thea as a nn, but Thea Clementine does have a nice flow. Thea is such a kind sounding name.

    Fleur-This name is just a little odd to me. It just sounds like flower said wrong.

    Nancy-Not my favorite. Just sort of dated.

    Lydia-This is fine. It doesn't sparkle, but it's nice enough.


    Ezra Theodore-Ezra is very cool. It's kind of artsy, but also sounds a bit like a mountain explorer.

    Arlo George-Cute & quirky. I like it a lot, & love the sweet nn Ari.

    Henry August -I love this combo. Very dashing. Henry is soooo overly popular though, unfortunately. I think the nn Hank is adorable, & that would make a little Henry these days stand apart.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thea Clementine is my favourite from your girl options. I don't care for Nancy or Lydia. I think Fleur is pretty, being the french word for flower, but I would be worried about pronunciation issues depending on where you live.

    I like all of your boy choices. Henry August is dashing but Henry is super popular. I love Arlo and it's super cute paired with a strong name with George. Ezra Theodore is cute but both names are super popular in my area.
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    Olive Emmeline: I am not a fan of Olive. It’s just too close to the food for me. Olivia sounds better or maybe Poppy (this name kinda gives me the same vibe as Olive for some reason). Emmeline is beautiful and a great balanced middle.

    Wren Simone: wren is pretty. Simone is ok. The same flows well.

    Thea Clementine: I saw some people say Thea is a better nickname and they haven’t seen it as a full name. I have a niece names Thea- just Thea. It’s a very simple, yet unique name. Clementine is a great middle too.

    Fleur: if you live in America this name may be a problem. I know how to pronounce it but I’m going to guess most of the population won’t and will be pronouncing it “Flur”. So that might be a draw back.
    Nancy: too normal for me and I don’t think it fits right with Clementine.
    Lydia: I don’t think this is a pretty name, nor do I think it carries any strength.
    My top pick for the first name for Clementine is Thea.
    Similar names for a first for Clementine: Iris, Luna, Eloise, Nora, Calla, Celia, Lily, Flora, Willa, Eleanor, Lucy, Jane, Juliet, Claire, and Ruby.

    Ezra Theodore: love this name. It’s a very rugged, adventurous name.
    Arlo George: cute, but classic. I really like it
    Henry August: I actually think this pair works well together.
    Other suggestions for middles: Oliver, Jasper, Milo, Jude, Felix, Atticus, Elliot, Oscar, Thomas, Owen, Charles, Silas, Asher, Samuel, Gabriel, Emmett, Julian, and Isaiah

    Hope this helps!
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    You have lovely name choices

    Olive Emmeline- gentle yet funky, vintage and sweet, sharp but soft

    Wren Simone - I quite like this. It feels unexpected as a combo!

    Thea Clementine -lovely!! Light but grand, cute but elegant

    I like Thea Clementine best though Nancy Clementine is nice too

    Ezra Theodore -love this! Ezra is short and sweet and I love the balance with Theodore

    Arlo George- brilliant! Love the mix of classic and traditional

    Henry August -i really like this combo! Soft and sweet, summery and classic. Alternatives could be Henry Atticus, Henry Callum, Henry Felix, Henry Lorcan, Henry Sebastian, Henry Elliot, Henry Jude, Henry Marcus, Henry Isaac

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