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    If you could name your baby anything..

    If you could name your baby anything you wanted, without any boundaries (DH not liking it, worried about bullying, people having bad opinions, etc.) what would you choose?

    For a girl I would choose Chrysanthemum, I’ve liked it since we read that book about the mouse being named Chrysanthemum when I was a child. Personally I would use it in a heartbeat, but I highly doubt anyone would think that it’s as beautiful as I do. There’s also the fear of bullying, people never knowing how to spell or pronounce it and I worry that she wouldn’t like it as an adult. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for it being a MN!

    For a boy I would choose Hades, I loved reading greek mythology books as a kid and I just like the look of the name. As Hades was the god of the dead and king of the underworld, I feel like those associations wouldn’t be good for a child lol.

    I would love to hear your choices in the comments!
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    Guinevere for a girl! It's been my favorite since I was in high school (18 years ago..) My does like it though, it's unique enough for me, but honestly most people seem to like it.

    As for a boy, my favorite name is Colm. It's only been on the list for about a year after reading it in a book. I've always liked Calum a lot, but fell in love w/Colm. It's more like 'Cole-um'. It would absolutely be mispronounced, dh thinks it's weird, everyone else thinks it's weird, & our ln starts w/an 'M'. All sorts of reasons not to use it in real life. Probably would end up doing Ewan if there were ever a real person to name.
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    For a girl, Caroline. I think it's the sweetest and most beautiful name but it's too popular for me to use. Maybe for a middle name, though probably not as I usually like long first - short middle combos.
    For a boy, my favorite name, Lionel, is thankfully fine to use! So is second favorite Edmund. But Fraser and Angus are too common in Scotland (where I'm moving next year) and Stanley in the top 70 and rising in neighboring England. Other ones I love and can't use are Clay (means "cry" in my language) and Klaus (too close to Santa Claus).
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    Hero or EndellionNell” or “Dell” for a girl.

    Sasha for a boy. I’ve loved it forever and can so imagine us with a little Sasha... DH is definitely done though so it’s never going to happen!
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    Odette for a girl. Currently a guilty pleasure. Only problem is family has a boat named Odette.

    James for a boy. This name could actually work, even though Star Trek is one of my favorite things in the world. I love the nn Jamie.

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