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    Cosmo for a boy! I just love it but can't do that to my son, unless I somehow become a celebrity.


    callista june, calliope lavender, charlie lunaria, clementine louise, cecily lark, cosette astraea, coraline acadia, cordelia altalune, cassia elowen, cleo rosemary, cressida piper


    caspian apollo, cousteau ambrose, calloway felix, cove evander, cosmo everest, conrad alastair, castor ernest, casimir sage, cyperus otto

    pet mama to sons marlow, scout, oliver, ezra & jupiter

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    For a girl Amara but we already have one in the family
    and for a little boy Shaya.

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    Ceridwen and Caedmon. Two names I absolutely adore but don't think I could get away with using as FNs.
    Felicity Ceridwen, Ingrid Erin, Eleanor Maeve.
    Nathaniel Leif, Alasdair Jonathan, Arthur Rowan.
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    My only real guilty pleasure name is Cassiopeia. It's just so sweet.
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    For a girl, it's always been (and will probably always be) Harriet. For a boy, Alexander. Neither of these is particularly 'out-there', but they're the ones I'd really use.

    Andromeda and Caradoc are probably my top usable guilty pleasure names.

    My all-time favourite guilty pleasure names are (inner nerd coming out):
    For a girl, Æthelflæd (probably better written as Ethelfled), after an Anglo-Saxon ruler whom I really admire.
    For a boy, Bede, after the monk and annalist.
    Of course, neither of these would be even remotely usable beyond the 11th century.
    Lucia Clemency ۰ Harriet Morgana ۰ Adelaide Saskia
    Alexander Caspian ۰ Dorian Beowulf ۰ Nicholas Hugo

    Eald Englisc:
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    Lucan ۰ Oswald ۰ Feran ۰ Godwin ۰ Lufian

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    Olive Liesel Delilah, Lydia Agnes Clementine, Arlo Peregrine George + Theodore Alec Wilder

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesusbeliever View Post
    I just realized that @asunflower, who started the thread, said some of the same things I was thinking about the name Chrysanthemum. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the name! Also, I think Chrys or San would be super cute nicknames. Maybe I will use it...
    I have loved it for the longest time, I love the nickname Chrissy which tones it down a bit for me!
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    I'd be very tempted by names like Seafarer, Glow, Stargazee, Sunset and Poet
    Sarai Matilda|Una Adele|Mabli Charlotte|Flora Penelope
    Sholto Felix|Percy Evander|Tristan Rafferty
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    I would use my top names but I think others would be higher on my list. Chrysanthemum would definitely be up there with the nn Xanthe


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    Sylvie Marguerite Fleurdelys ~ Emmeline Olivia ~ Eloisa Pearl
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    I don't really have any off-limit names but I will say Vivian for my son. I guess it's just the five family members and one close friend that doesn't like it. I'm not worried about bullying considering almost every young boy I've asked has given nothing but positive remarks (surprisingly!).
    Toryn Matthew Benjamin➵Vivian Asher Night➵Kayne Archer Maxwell➵Ambrose Lucian Hale➵Gunner Dean Hendrix➵Thayer Jude Hadeon➵Roman Castiel Lane➵Jensen Connor James➵River Elliot Finn➵Severin Oskar Grey➵Brooke Sebastian Winter➵Arrow Gideon Davis➵Wolfe Austen Bayley➵Sabin Emery Shaw➵Atreyu Emerson Kade➵Spencer Uriah Poe➵Waylon Everett Cash➵Kellan Nathaniel Gaige➵Jovan Cassidy Pharaoh

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