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    Post A Name for my Character 49

    I've created a character yesterday and I need your help to give my character a name. I would like the name to be modern and have a nice fit to it.

    It takes place in Southfield, Michigan in the mid-2010s.

    The character is a twelve year old boy, he has huge dark brown hair with hazel eyes and also has pale ivory skin. He has slender build. He wears a dark blue long sleeved shirt along with his lucky red scarf and has light blue pants with black shoes.

    He is a British-American boy who lives in Southfield, Michigan and he along with his family is from London, England and his family moved to the U.S. when he was just four months old and has been living ever since. He currently lives in a middle-class neighborhood in the suburbs, his mother is an acting teacher and is a local actress where she works on stage and works on a radio series based on Little Women and his father is an school teacher teaching ninth to eleventh graders, He has an older sister (age: 15) who is a writer for the newspaper and written several plays for her school and his brother (age: 16) is a basketball player for his school and a little sister (age: 10) is an inventor and has a close relationship with her brother. He goes to Junior High School, he is a very good student who has been on the honor roll for two years in a row, his favorite classes are History, Music, Art and P.E. and his least favorite is Math, He's also involved in activities in his school like he's a part of the football team, he's in the singing choir and the band where he plays the flute, and most importantly he is best known as an actor and performer in the school's acting class and works for the Children's Theater where he acts in the school's plays and some of which has been taped, he most likely got it from his mother which makes her so proud. He is best described as nice, optimistic, active, down to earth, creative, artistic, normal, polite, responsible, talented and intelligent young boy who has a great sense of humor and is wise beyond his years. His favorite hobbies are reading, listening to music, riding his bike around the neighborhood, playing chess, playing sports, painting and drawing pictures, watching tv and going outside to hang out with his friends.

    The names that i'm going with:

    I would like the name and surname to be intelligent, bright and very nice to the point it fits him completely.
    If you already came up with a name for him, hit the reply button and have a nice day!

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