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  • Aurora

    5 15.15%
  • Beatrice

    8 24.24%
  • Beatrix

    8 24.24%
  • Esme

    5 15.15%
  • Esmée

    0 0%
  • Evangeline

    3 9.09%
  • Lucia

    4 12.12%
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Thread: Violet and ???

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    Violet and ???

    Hi! You’re probably sick of me now but we have our final contenders for our second daughter who is somehow due in under two months time!

    I wanted to do a poll and get a feel of which you like best of our options as we are currently stuck and want to narrow things down. Hopefully she’ll suit a certain name when we meet her to help us out as well lol.

    Our daughter’s full name is Violet Felicity Cara and these are the full name combinations we’re thinking of for all our options too:

    Aurora Beatrix Niamh
    Aurora Daisy Niamh
    Aurora Mabel Niamh
    Aurora Margot Niamh
    Aurora Niamh Margot

    Beatrice Aurora Niamh
    Beatrice Daisy Niamh
    Beatrice Flora Niamh
    Beatrice Mabel Niamh
    Beatrice Margot Niamh
    Beatrice Niamh Margot

    Beatrix Aurora Niamh
    Beatrix Daisy Niamh
    Beatrix Flora Niamh
    Beatrix Mabel Niamh
    Beatrix Margot Niamh
    Beatrix Niamh Margot

    Evangeline Flora Cait
    Evangeline Mabel Cait

    Esme(e) Aurora Niamh
    Esme(e) Beatrix Niamh
    Esme(e) Florence Niamh
    Esme(e) Lucia Niamh

    Lucia Daisy Niamh
    Lucia Florence Niamh
    Lucia Mabel Niamh
    Lucia Margot Niamh
    Lucia Niamh Margot

    We’re not sure on which spelling of Esme(e) we would go for. We also think Niamh would be too much with Evangeline. Thanks for all your help!
    Violet Felicity Cara
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    Florence Aster Bríd
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    I'm really like Aurora Beatrix Niamh or Beatrix Aurora Niamh.

    Esme is my third options, but it's still lovely and would go nicely with Violet. I would spell it Esme, as Esmee may be pronounced with a "me" sound instead of "may". Alternatively, I like Esme spelled as Esmae.
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    Beatrice Margot Niahm would be my #1 pick. Both Beatrice and Violet have a regal, a bit steampunk feeling. Margot and Felicity are two old-fashioned, vintage names and Cara and Niamh are two irish names.
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    Tough choice between Beatrice, Beatrix and Esme. I chose Beatrix in the end.
    I love Beatrice/ Beatrix Flora Niamh and Esme Florence Niamh
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    Aurora Daisy Niamh is lovely.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    Thanks everyone!

    We love Aurora but we’re still toying with the idea at the moment as the two boy names we’ve loved with each pregnancy have been Theodore and Arthur. I don’t think they’d work well with it, if we had any boys in the future.

    I love the idea of their full names flowing together, undertherainbow and I love your daughter’s name, gabriellenz!
    Violet Felicity Cara
    our little rainbow
    born Feb 2018

    Florence Aster Bríd
    our little flower
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    Hello! Your list is beautiful. I prefer the spelling Esme. I love Violet Felicity Cara & ...

    1. Aurora Beatrix Niamh
    2. Beatrice/Beatrix Aurora Niamh
    3. Beatrice/Beatrix Margot Niamh
    4. Aurora Margot Niamh
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    I love all your names

    I love Beatrix and Lucia the best. I just think Lucia is beautiful. And it goes well with Violet. Violet means purple of course and Lucia means light! Kinda fits 😀 and she can go by Lu which is adorable! Vi and Lu so cute

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    1. Esme
    2. Beatrix and Lucia are tied for me

    I love Esme, Beatrix, and Lucia!

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