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    Wally for a little lady?

    So maybe this is crazy, but I just LOVE sound of the name Wally. I know we attach it to boys usually, but if you just say it in your head, eyes closed... hmm.

    I see another poster was looking to arrive at the nickname Wellie, which made me think of Wally!

    There’s Molly, Polly, Holly...? Why not Wally?!

    Honest opinions please! <3

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    Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of Wally in general (where I am it's a word used sometimes to describe someone being silly or foolish) and thus not the best judge, but I'm not sure on it.
    As a nickname I think i could get behind it though
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    Makes me think of the phrase "wally-eyed" and of the Wall-E movie. So maybe not by itself, but I could see it being used as a nickname for Wallace or Wallis, which have been used as female names before. Since their both vintage and masculine they feel ahead of trend.

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    I don't love it by itself- But as a previous poster said I'm not a fan of the name for either gender, however I think it could work nicely as a nickname if you brainstormed a full name. It reminds me of the Wall-E movie, again, like someone else said.
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    Makes me think of Wallis Simpson who went by Wally. Logically, with Polly, Molly, Sally, Lily, etc, Wally should work on it's own but I still prefer it as a nickname for Wallis.
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    I like the idea of Wally for a girl! It could work! I would probably lengthen it and use Wally as a nn, but that's just my style....

    Waverly * (I think this would be really cute!)
    Winona Alice* (Love!)
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    Wally makes me think of Wall-E so I not only have a hard time picturing it on a girl, I have a hard time picturing it on a human.

    Wallis nn Wally would be better.
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    It means “idiot” here in the UK, so I’m not a fan. I do quite like Wallis, though.
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    As previous posters have said, a 'wally' is a term used in the UK to refer to a silly person, so I'm personally not sure. I also think of 'Where's Wally', which isn't a bad association, but it's one that will be at the front of most kids' - and many adults' - minds.

    I'm not much of a fan of Wallis, either - it makes me think of both Wallis Simpson and Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame. I might change my mind if I heard it on a real life child, though.

    I love previous suggestions of Wallene, Wilda, and Winona Alice as ways of getting to Wally!
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    Agree with posters who suggest using it as a nickname. Walda is one option for full name that I haven't seen mentioned in this thread.

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