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Thread: Arimelda

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    Opinions? It's a Tolkien Elvish word meaning "beloved"
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    I think it's very cute, especially with the nickname options! "Ari" "Mel" "Melda" "Ariel" etc! (You can get quite creative with nickname...) Interesting "place" of origin though, I must say. What are your thoughts for middle names?
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    Sorry if I'm not replying properly, it's my first time on this forum!
    Yes love all the abbreviations I'm Tolkien obsessed, so drawn towards it haha.
    Not sure if I want it as a middle name or first name. I love the first name Elowyn. But not sure if Elowyn Arimelda is too much! Haven't thought too much about middle names for it as a first name.
    Suggestions welcome!

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    It's nice, especially for a Tolkien fan, and I think it could make a lovely middle name with something a little shorter and less unusual but still kind of quirky upfront, like Iris Arimelda, Blythe Arimelda, Juno Arimelda or Indie Arimelda.

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    I think it works! It's unusual but its sounds are familiar, so it's not too out there. I wouldn't immediately have known it was elvish - I would have guessed German. Although Tolkien was heavily influenced by Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic languages, so I'm not too far off. This means it doesn't sound 'made up'; most people would probably guess it to be a rare German name.
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