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    Luella or Llewellyn? Or...

    Hi ladies! Due in January with a little girl!

    Here's the scoop. Kind of a roundabout narrative, but here goes!!

    So, we'd like to honour my husband's grandfather, William. He went by Willie.

    We really love the sound of Llewellyn (prn. Lue-Ellen), which is a Welsh name, meaning strong leader, or lion-like. The "wel" sound lends itself so well to "Welly" as a nick name, which we totally love, because it sounds so much like Willie, and is fun and playful.

    But because Llewellyn is typically for males, we're not sold. Also, neither of us has Welsh background. A friend suggested Luella, which we also really like.. But you can't get to "Welly" quite as easily. At least not when you're looking at it. And Lewella looks weird, right?

    What do you guys think? Luella? Or Llewellyn? Middle name will likely be Fey. We even considered "Weleigh" as a stand alone!

    OR! Can you guys think of any other way to get to Welly? Creative suggestions welcomed.

    NOTE: We don't like Willow or Wilhelmina. They're pretty names, but not for us.


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    Llewellyn doesn't start with L sound nor letter.
    Hope you're aware of that.

    If you think I'm talking nonsense google Welsh LL for an eye opener before you pronounce your kids name wrong.

    It's different if you are aware of pronunciation and just going with easier choice. But it seems like you don't know LL isn't L in Welsh.
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    I think Luella works!
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    My issue with Llewellyn is that it just looks so masculine in my opinion. I agree that Lou-Ellen does sound feminine but I also think it sounds a bit dated. Luella sounds fresher and prettier. I definitely think Welly works as a nickname!

    I would want to say Weleigh “well-LAY” not like Welly so I much prefer Luella “Welly”. I think that’s such a cool nickname for Luella!
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    Luella definitely works. You can definitely use the nickname Welly. Noelle is another way to get to Welly? I assume you've considered Willa? Or Wilma? Gwendolyn has the right letters for Welly. Nicknames are pretty flexible so I wouldn't worry about things not looking as intuitive. I don't like Weleigh though as a standalone. I'm afraid she's grow out of it so I think it's safest to give her a fallback formal name.
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