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    Opinions on this name?


    My fiancé is Spanish and I’m Italian and we’ve been having a hard time compromising on boy names! We both want something distinctly Latin sounding that works in English and Spanish, but he doesn’t want common names (Marco, Mateo, Santiago, Oscar, Emilio, Javier, etc.) and has vetoed many options. Castiel is the ONLY thing we’ve agreed on, and - despite his dislike for nicknames - he loves Cas, which I adore.

    As many have asked, yes, it is a Supernatural name. The connotation is not a deterrent as we are both fans of the show, but the name is also listed as a variant of Cassiel and an angel in Judo-Christianity, so it is not completely made up.

    So what do you think? Our girl option is Luna for reference. TIA!

    P.S. please vote in the poll if you prefer Castiel or Cassiel

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    I prefer Castiel
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    Quote Originally Posted by greyblue View Post
    I prefer Castiel
    Thank you! It’s a little more masculine for sure

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    While I prefer the sound of Castiel, the connotation to Supernatural is very strong to me, and I've never even watched an episode of the show. Both are handsome though, and I hope you're able to settle on a version of it that you absolutely love soon!
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    I prefer the sound of Castiel. I've never watched Supernatural but I know it's popular... However, if you like it, I don't think it's a big deal. And it's not an association his peers will have, even though yours do. Go with the one that you love most.
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