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    Quote Originally Posted by oh_sunshine View Post
    Hawthorne "Hawk"- braver than Georiga but Hawk goes well with Wilder. Definitely has a southern whimsy to it.
    Asa "Ace"- I personally dont like the sound and find it hard to pronounce. What do you think of Axel, Asher, Acer?
    Grady "Gray"- I like this one with your sibset the best

    Grady Townes would be my pick.
    Thanks for your insight! Asher is VERY popular where we are and I'm honestly kind of over it simply because I hear it so much! Axel is a bit too rock n roll for our tastes... I don't typically go for "A" names, but I like Atticus and Archer, though both got the hubby veto!

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    You're probably right with Hawthorne Townes . Though kid would be set for an actor or an author or something i fell like they would probably end up shortening it.

    Asa Hawthorne would be just as cool as Asa Gray

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