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    If you're going to pretend to be a mother, at least get your story straight and remember what fictional names you gave them! It's actually pretty embarrassing how little effort you went into to try and make people believe your story.

    What's the point in even pretending? There are thousands of non-parents on Nameberry who are here to figure out what names they do and don't like, even if the likelihood of them being a parent isn't even on the horizon. You don't need to make up five babies (and two pregnancies) in order to use this site. Just be honest.

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    Babies are not a joke! Thousands of women go through a lot of waiting and heartache to hold their little miracles in their arms. It's just shameful to make fun! Theoretical name posts are one thing, but flat out lying is another! Please grow up, and be honest.
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    OK, it sucks being lied to, especially if you're giving up your time to offer advice/support to a person who's making stuff up... and it's totally fair to call this person out on that. But before we lay into her too much, just... I don't know, she's still a person. There's probably something that's going on for her that's made her feel like this is a good idea. Badly wants kids but due to biology or circumstance hasn't been able to? Lonely and wanting replies/attention or someone to chat to? I'm sure a LOT of people are lonely in some form with the way current society closes ourselves off behind screens and in our houses without even chatting to each other at a bus stop? I don't know. But if it's anything like that I really hope she reaches out, because she's not alone.
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