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Thread: Pip?

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    Our youngest is 7 months, but Archie is being broody so I might be pregnant again soon...Anyways, I'm here to talk names, not kids!

    What do we think of Pip for a girl? I was reading Pippi Longstocking to Jem the other day and kept thinking Pip could be a cute addition to our sibset. Is it usable?
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    To me Pip is strictly boy. I think you can name her Philippa, Penelope or Piper and call her Pip. You can also use Pippa which is so adorable!
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    Not a huge fan, but it could work. It's a bit flimsy, to be honest.
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    I think Pip is cute! I could see it working for a girl.

    Although, for me I would want it strictly as a nn, and have a full name version as well. From looking at your signature I'm not sure that's your style, so I'll second the suggestion of Pippa.
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    This one I love as a nickame. It doesn't make a great full name in my view. Pippin?

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