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    My favorite of your options is Leo. Other ideas:
    Ellen Virginia * Nancy Eleanor * May Genevieve * Celia Madeleine * Audrey Claire * Bess Emilia
    Nathaniel Francis * Leo Edmund * Benedict Henry * Virgil Blaise * Joseph Malachi * Timothy Jerome

    Also Liking: OONA MUIRGHEAL * Siobhan Brigid * Cassandra Niamh * Miranda Kate *
    Sybil Josephine * Edith Augusta * Catherine Ginevra * Molly Catriona *

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    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Ginny Florence
    Fay Marigold
    Cleo Seraphina
    Eadie Thessaly
    Delphie Claire
    Elma Josephine

    Dustin James
    Grady Stefan
    Lewan Maxwell
    Edwin Cain
    Reggie Theodore
    Lennox Graham

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    I love the name Cormac! I think Sullivan, Cormac and Orson is a beautiful sib-set. Here are a few other suggestions!

    Sullivan, Cormac and Amos.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Atticus.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Miles.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Lachlan.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Declan.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Finnian.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Eamon.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Holden.
    Sullivan, Cormac and Milo.
    Angharad Mair
    twenty-two. welsh. writer.
    ❝ i'm in love with how your soul is a mix of chaos and art ❞

    Amity Eira.
    Hester Fjord. Florence Alma. Elspeth Antoinette.
    Sunday Lenore. Gaia Pearl. Petra Elizaveta.
    Liesel Blythe. Heidi Snow. Ivy Penrose.
    Eleri Marigold.

    ➤ ➤ ➤

    Forrest Wolfgang.
    Brecon Hobbes. Shepherd Fox. Eddard Steele.
    Hugo Arthur. Florian Haines. Henrik Loch.
    Hadrian Wells. Gaius Coal. Elian Author.
    Emrys Oswald.

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    Sullivan and Cormac are such handsome names, both are favourites of mine and they suit perfectly together!
    I like the suggestions of Alistair and Thatcher!
    I would like to add...
    Sullivan, Cormac and Flynn
    Sullivan, Cormac and Hart
    Sullivan, Cormac and Leonard (Leo)
    Sullivan, Cormac and Foster
    Sullivan, Cormac and Russell
    Sullivan, Cormac and Ruben

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