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    The Chronicles of Aurum: The Lycoris Family

    I'll be putting up a series of these, so please be patient with me. The Chronicles of Aurum is a fantasy series that I am currently planning. The kingdom is split into five provinces and takes inspiration from the stone age to the Victorian Era.

    The only person who has been officially named in the Lycoris family so far is Aeliana, the youngest child. However, I'm seeking a middle name for her. Something Italian might be appropriate, since the capitol city (as yet unnamed) is partially based on Renisaince Venice. Any name that would have been accepted in Rainaisance Venice will be welcome, but hopefully it flows. Ideally, I would like her to have three middle names: Aeliana ___ ___ ___ Lycoris, as three is a sacred number to their gods.

    Then there's her deceased mother. Her husband died in the twenty-years war (a war with a neighbouring kingdom over the honour of their princess) and soon after, she was trampled to death by a wild unicorn. She was a loving mother, devoted to the gods, but became slightly unhinged after the death of her husband, as he controlled her every action and she could not cope without him. She had long platinum blonde hair with a sheen of silvery-gold and ice-blue eyes with flecks of gold.
    Considering Aelianora and Aella. How would you pronounce these? Also, do you have any other suggestions?

    The siblings' father was a constant presence in their lives as children, even when he went to fight in the war. He sent messages to their mother, dictating how his household was to be run and how his children to be raised. He was a true authoritarian. He wrote to his children as well as his wife, reminding them of their various duties, reminding the girls to be obedient and the boys to keep their sisters in line. When he was there, he was quick to discipline and expected perfection, but he also believed in rewards. He had short golden hair and lilac eyes.
    I have considered Aeolan. How would you pronounce this and do you have any other suggestions?

    There is Aeliana's older brother. She has been betrothed to him since she was eight, since he took an interest in her. It was he who became responsible for the family after their mother's death. He raised both his sisters with the help of his slightly younger brother, playing first father to them, then potential suitor to both, then finally selecting Aeliana as his future wife. Now the date of their wedding approaches. He is much like their father, as he took his words to heart. He expects absolute perfection from Aeliana, believing that Aeliana's sole purpose should be to enhance his life. He will tolerate no imperfection, but wastes no opportunity to reward Aeliana so that she will continue to the sweet, obedient girl he treasures. He has short silvery blonde hair with designed etched into the back of his head, very pale skin, sharp features and lilac eyes.
    I have considered Aezor and Aeric. How would you pronounce them? Open to more suggestions. Do you like either of them?

    The other brother is only a year younger than the eldest brother and is already married to the youngest sister, as she had her first blood before Aeliana. He is more lenient than his brother and allows the girl more freedom, treating her more as an equal partner and allowing her to express her thoughts and opinions. He is more tolerant when it comes to mistakes. Though he listens to her, he still has the final say on all important matters and expects her to obey. He has pale skin, short silvery-gold hair (an inch or two longer than his brother's) and blue eyes flecked with gold.
    Any ideas for him?

    Then there's the younger brother's wife, the youngest sister. Unlike Aeliana, she does not feel trapped in her life, but perhaps that is because she has the more accomodating husband. She is quite happy with her sheltered existence, whereas Aeliana sometimes questions it. She is not quite as intelligent as Aeliana and so is not really able to take advantage of the freedom she has to the fullest extent, usually only bothering to give her opinion to her husband if something inconveniences her. She has long silvery-gold hair that curls naturally into tight ringlets, and wide lilac eyes flecked with gold.
    Considering: Aeliora, Aelinda, Aethia, Aezelle, Aezella, Aezeline, Aeora and Aeanna. How would you pronounce them? Do you have a favourite of these? Any more suggestions?

    Do you have any suggestions for Lycoris ancestors? And middle names for the Lycoris family?

    First names have to start with ae, as you've probably gathered.

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    first the pronounciation:

    Aelianora as EH-lee-uh-NOH-ruh
    Aella as ELL-uh
    Aeolan as EY-oh-lunn or eh-OU-len
    Aezor as EH-sohr
    Aeric like Eric

    Aelianora is a little complicated for my taste. Were her and the father also siblings? If not, maybe her name could be something completely different, like Ginevra.

    Aeolan for the father sounds good, if feels regal and distant. Maybe Aerol/Aerroll?

    For the older brother, Aezor seems to fit. Or Aestanor, Aesmael?

    For the younger brother, something softer than for the older, and it should be different enough to not get them confused. Aelian, Aelim, Aenandras?

    I actually like Aella better for the younger sister than the mother. I like the idea of a simple name for her, like Aenna, Aelys, Aemie.

    For middle names, wouldn't it make more sense to give them two, to make it three names in total? Except if middle names are always special names to the gods in your world or something. I assume all siblings would get them?

    Aezor Ludovico Natale Epifanio Lycoris
    Aelian Adamo Nicola Pantaleone Lycoris
    Aella Adriana Lauretta Diana Lycoris
    Aeliana Fabiola Gaetana Angela Lycoris
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    Possible middle names for Aeliana:

    Pasqua/ Pasqualina

    Aedrina/ Aedina
    *I actually prefer wandarine's suggestion of Ginevra

    I think I prefer Aeric for the older brother while I second wanderine's suggestion of Aelian for the younger brother. Aella for the younger sister.


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    I love Aelian, but it's too close to Aeliana.

    I've decided on Aella for the younger sister.

    I can't go with Ginevra because the parents were siblings too (sorry, forgot to include that! Lots of incest here. ) so she needs a name that starts with ae as well. I really do like Aelianora.

    How would you pronounce Aelim?

    Aezor is definite for the eldest brother.

    For the younger, torn between Aeric, Aeron, Aelim and Aemon.

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    I didn't even notice how alike Aelian and Aeliana were, oops.
    I'd say Aelim as AY-limm or EH-limm. It was just an idea. I think I prefer Aemon.
    Aelianora is complicated, but since she's dead she porbably won't be named ofter, so maybe that's not too bad. Other ideas: Aelessandra, Aelessia, Aesabella.
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