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    After years, our one and only is here...

    Peregrine Thalia Morgan

    We'd been TTC since summer 2016 with a few losses before getting to this point, so we had a long time to mull over a long list, a short list, and a final three. It was very stressful to choose, since we only want one but we love names! At the end, it was between Peregrine and Andromeda, but when testing them both out, Peregrine was the one that felt "right" to both of us. Both of our top choices were long, but our surname is very short, so it feels balanced instead of unwieldy.

    Peregrine is traditionally masculine (as is my mother's name, my aunt's name, and my grandmother's name), but it's uncommon enough in the US that no one has questioned its use for our daughter. We've been trying out different nicknames--Pippin, Pippa, Perry, Prin, Rin--but will let her choose what suits her when she's older. We love the name for its actual meaning (traveller or pilgrim), though I don't mind the falcon association as I'm something of a bird lover. Thalia was one of our runner-ups, a nod to my husband's Greek heritage and my mythology interests. Alongside Peregrine, we like the idea of one who inspires joy wherever she travels. The second middle name, Morgan, is also mythological but also honoring our shared Welsh ancestry as well as a late family member of the same name.

    Our birth announcement summarized it this way:

    Peregrine [PAIR-uh-grin], Latin, "traveller" or "pilgrim"
    Thalia [TAH-lee-ah], Greek, "flourishing", muse of comedy
    Morgan [MOR-gan], Welsh, "sea-born" or "sea-chief"

    Peregrine shares a name with four early saints and the first child born
    in Plymouth Colony. May she inspire joy wherever she travels.

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    Congratulations! Peregrine Thalia Morgan is beautiful!
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    Congratulations! Her name is lovely!
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    Such an incredible, individual name with so much personal meaning. Warmest congratulations on her safe arrival!
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    Congratulations! What a strong, meaningful name! I love all the nickname options!
    mama to elise

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    Congratulations on your little one, and on choosing such a unique and meaningful name!
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    Absolutely stunning name choice! Congratulations!!
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    Congratulations.......Best wishes to you all.

    I LOVE her name.

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    Congrats!! I normally prefer Peregrine for a boy but I adore your combo so much. Peregrine Thalia Morgan sounds badass and so meaningful.

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    Gorgeous! And big congrats from another mum with a surprising journey to motherhood.
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