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    My Top 10:


    I just love these names, I can definitely imagine myself using these names

    Remington Leonidas
    Rowan Valentine
    Percival Eugene
    Agatha Alexandria Josefina
    Florence Tallulah Blythe // Beatrix Elizabeth Opal
    Vivian Romilly Rose // Salome Cosima Daphne
    Tabitha // Regina


    Gideon Edgar Leonidas
    Conrad Barnaby Jude // Ronan Peregrine Ambrose
    Silas Ignatius Balthazar // Alexander Asa Mortimer
    Caleb // Benedict Bo

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    Remington - I love Remy, such a sweet name.
    Elias - More interesting than Elijah, but just as solid and has that great soft sound.
    Boaz - Has that cool z without being too unfamiliar or obscure. Love the nickname Bo.
    Samuel - A bit boring compared to your other options, but Sam is an undeniably great name.
    Gareth - Love this for you! Interesting Welsh choice with a great meaning and intuitive spelling/pronunciation.
    Taran - I like the sound of this one, though spelling could be an issue.
    Shay - Underused but familiar. Appealing, friendly Irish sound.
    Percival - I just really like Percy.
    Judah - Still always a bit close to Judas for my liking, but an appealing sound.
    Koda - Great meaning, would fit right in with current trends.
    Wilder - Such a fun name!
    Emrys - Also love this idea for you. Legendary history, but accessible sound.
    Denver - I haven't considered this as a first name before, but I like it!
    Indigo - Indie is such a great nickname, and this is the perfect color to be named for.
    Dean - Solid, underused, familiar and friendly.
    Rowan - One of my favorites. I love the significance of this tree. I believe druids associated it with protection.
    Rhys - I love the proper Welsh spelling of this name. Accessible, but distinctive.
    Ezekiel - Zee is much fresher than Zeke.
    Micah - Friendly, soft sound.
    Matthias - See Micah. Love both of these options.
    Zellan - This is unusual but accessible. I like Zel.
    Nathaniel - Nanty is a bit weird, but I love Nat.
    Benjamin - Like Samuel, a bit predictable, but it's popular for a reason.
    Walker - Love this! Familiar but underused and great namesakes.

    Hezekiah - A lot of name for a little one, but interesting sounds.
    Rhett - A bit too Gone With The Wind for me.
    Azaiah - Az is cool, but I'm unsure about pronunciation.
    Leonidas - I like Leo fine, but Leonidas is a lot of name.
    Daniel - Just a bit boring, but a nice name.
    Sparrow - Would be a cool middle!
    Jedidiah - Not personal favorite, but it's fine.
    Killian - Not crazy about having the "kill" syllable in there.
    Psalm - Very Kardashian-West, but appealing.
    Wolf - This works, but I don't love it.
    Zephaniah - A lot of name, but Zeph is very cool.
    Eden - Prefer for a girl.
    Raphael - Heavily Spanish, wouldn't use if I didn't speak the language.
    Monroe - I'm not a big surname person, but this could work.
    Malachite - Would be mistaken for Malachi often, but I like this word name better.
    Fallon - Very Jimmy Fallon. Do you like Falcon?
    Hector - See Raphael.
    Viggo - I think this is very cool, but not sure if it's too tied to Viggo Mortensen.
    Hayden - A little bit past its prime.
    Canaan - Don't love the sound or spelling here. Do you like Canyon?
    Drew - See Hayden.

    Sapphire - I don't love the sound, and I don't think I would want to be a little boy named Sapphire.
    Damon - Always reminds me of demon.
    Eugene - Dated.
    Ze'ev - I prefer Zev, and I think it would be less of a hassle for the child.
    Anakin - Too tied to the character.
    Perseus - Too lofty when Percival or just Percy are available.
    Kalixto - There's just a lot going on with the sounds in this name.
    Valentine - I don't think I would want this to be my name, but it would be a nice middle.
    Praise - Would be a nice middle.
    Bartholomew - Too much name, and a bit dated.
    Galahad - High expectations for a baby.
    Zelophehad - I don't even know how to start to pronounce this.
    Gawaine - Too much name.
    Gregory - Dated.
    D'Artagnan - Too much name.
    Thaddeus - I personally hate the sound of Thad.
    Benvolio - Benjamin is easier and more familiar.
    Fagan - In Oliver Twist, the character Fagan is pretty antisemitic, and I think that character association is strong.
    Foxglove - Fox is alright, but this is too fantastical for a real child.
    Helian - I don't like the "Hel" syllable at the beginning.
    Almanzo - I wouldn't call a real baby Manly like Little House.
    Newt - I don't love Newt Gingrich, and I don't think this is the most appealing animal to be named after.
    Faelan - Confusing spelling, and not appealing sound.
    Creighton - Not an appealing sound.

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    Thank you so much everyone who has give their opinions in our list! It's been really helpful on narrowing things down. I took @dinosaursroar advice and started organizing it by similar sounds to help weed out names that are similar (the problem with this is choosing WHICH of those names we like best). Again, you have all been very helpful
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    Gareth • Damon • Kalixto • Boaz • Jedidiah • Anakin • Fagan • Percival • Wilder • Azaiah • Ezekiel • Koda • Sparrow • Canaan

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    I've not got a lot of time, but thought I'd just list my bottom ten and suggest eliminating...

    Boaz -- awkward, abrupt, unpleasant sound.
    Eugene -- extremely dated and wouldn't recommend unless it's in honor of someone very special.
    Ze'ev -- too complex and would be constantly misspelled and mispronounced.
    Anakin -- too associated with the character.
    Percival -- see Eugene.
    Praise -- it feels both very religious (as in praise God) and also, it's a brand of mayonnaise here, so...
    Zelophehad -- see Ze'ev.
    Benvolio -- I'm really just not keen on the look or sound.
    Fagan -- a very unpleasant sound and I don't like the slur in the first three letters.
    Creighton -- just doesn't look or sound pleasant at all to me.

    Also, in regard to your combos, I think Judah Leonidas, Rowan Ezekiel & Thaddeus Newt (this one's particularly fantastic) are worth keeping, but I'm not a fan of the others.
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