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    @alchemicallypurplefairy - thank you for your thoughts, they are greatly appreciated. Thank you for pointing out that the newest Kardashian was named Psalm, I was unaware of the fact.

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    I think to an extent we have similar taste in names.
    This is like a lot of names and I'm thinking I'll leave some general notes...
    Try organizing it in a way that makes it easier to hear down.
    For example by syllable then by style perhaps?
    And alphabetically.
    Is your goal here to seed out anything you won't use of find the ones you like best?
    Do you have something specific you like better about certain names? Do you want to pick a fav from each letter ? So you don't reuse, divide into first and middle names?
    Or is the goal just to make the list shorter and more managable.
    Is it possible to choose one -iah / -ah name one -el name & one -s name?
    Maybe meanings can help you narrow down names?
    And then weed out repetitive beginnings, things that have less meaning for you than others... You can even do this on paper with a highlighter... Like if you use Eden will you still want to use Hayden or is that too close? Which do you prefer? And maybe kinda go from there and see what you have at that point? Narrowing things down can be so hard.

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    Sorry if I am harsh, I just tried to be honest. Of course, everyone has difficult tastes, so I just tried to vocalize my own.

    I'd keep:
    Remington: cute
    Judah: love the way this sounds
    Elias: nice flow
    Azaiah: looks clunky, but sounds nice
    Samuel: nice name
    Kalixto: a little much, but I still like it & Kit is awesome
    Sparrow: love it
    Ze'ev: not familiar with the name, but seems nice
    Anakin: I like the Star Wars association
    Percival: a little much, but still a nice name
    Perseus: ditto
    Koda: so cute
    Wilder: love it
    Wolf: nice
    Emrys: gorgeous, though borders on girly
    Denver: love this, just added it to my list
    Zephaniah: looks clunky, but I like the sound
    Indigo: cute
    Rowan: looove this
    Galahad: looks clunky but nice sound
    Rhys: my favorite name of all time!
    Micah: cute
    Malachite: new to me, but really liking this
    Matthias: love it
    Benjamin: cute
    Walker: nice though a little lacking in personality
    Helian: sounds just okay, but is really nice written
    Hayden: long-time fan
    Canaan: strong name

    I'd get rid of:
    Hezekiah: clunky, though Kai is cute
    Rhett: not for me
    Sapphire: solidly girl to me
    Boaz: sounds clunky
    Leonidas: too much
    Gareth: reminds me of garrote
    Damon: too close to Damon, though I like Damian
    Daniel: bad association
    Taran: too similar to girls' Taryn
    Eugene: doesn't have a very pleasing sound
    Valentine: bad association
    Jedidiah: clunky though Jedi is so cool!
    Killian: too close to "Kill Ian". Cillian is ok though
    Shay: makes me think of shaggy mops
    Psalm: too wordy
    Praise: ditto
    Bartholomew: too much name
    Dean: dated
    Ezekiel: clunky, though it's growing on me
    Eden: love it but solidly girl to me
    Zelophehad: too much name
    Gawaine: too much
    Raphael: not my style
    Gregory: dated
    Monroe: tied to a very specific person for me
    D'artagnan: way too much
    Zellan: not for me
    Thaddeus: clunky
    Nathaniel: fine name, just not for me
    Benvolio: frilly
    Fallon: bad association
    Fagan: reminds me of another word
    Faelan: cute but sounds like a girls' name
    Foxglove: seems like a horse name
    Creighton: bad association
    Hector: ditto
    Viggo: doesn't sound very pleasing
    Drew: dated
    Almanzo: sounds like almonds
    Newt: too wordy

    I really like Judah Leonidas, Rowan Ezekiel, Kalixto Ze'ev, and Fagan Monroe.
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    My favorites are:


    I'd get rid of:

    Anakin - I can only think of Skywalker
    Kodo - cute meaning, but not my cup of tea
    Praise - I can't see this working on a real child
    Zelophehad - a bit much
    D'artagnan - very out there, I can see the appeal though
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