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    Does this name work with our last name?

    I'm loving the name as a contender for our little boy, but I'm conflicted about whether it works with our last name, which is pronounce
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    I feel like for me the fact it ends and starts with the same letters makes it a little much for me
    It's definitely not unusable and it is memorable but I'm not sure
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    I think a two syllable first name would alliterate better. Like:

    Hayden Hearts
    Holden Hearts
    Hugo Hearts

    Agree with greyblue above. Hayes isn't unusable, but it's pretty awkward.
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    It's a little much... Two one syllable H-s names...
    Would be at home in a comic book though with Clark Kent & Peter Parker
    I would look for something else that at least is not an h name OR doesn't end in s OR has more syllables.
    That said I actually think you COULD use it as a middle name
    William Hayes Hearts for example is wearable,
    but I personally feel it needs the longer and very different first name to work well

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    I think it sounds a bit clunky, sorry.
    It could work as a middle name though!
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