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    Middle name for Belladonna the black cat

    I’m adopting a stray and taking her home tomorrow, and I have a first name for her but not a middle(I am an extravagant pet namer.) Her name is Belladonna ___, named for both the deadly nightshade plant and the character Blake Belladonna from RWBY. Any ideas? She is a very dark grey/black cat who loves to cuddle while still being intimidating ^-^

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    awww, congrats! my kids are begging for us to adopt a kitten but I'm not sure if that'll actually occur
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    Yay, kitty!

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    Belladonna Nero
    Belladonna Scuro

    They’re masculine but kinda offset the girlishness of Belladonna (which I do like).

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    What about Belladonna Lisette?
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